Are The Boards Being Hacked?!?

For the first time ever, while attempting to read threads on Uncle Beer and one by Anthracite concerning Concrete, I have routinely gotten nonexistent address notifications. I have even recieved this notice when trying to turn to page two of the MPSIMS thread listings.

Anyone else out there having this same problem?

Moderators, webmaster, your thoughts please.

It was down for about half an hour just now. We were panicking about it in chat. See below:

<JavaMaven> don’t think that!
<JavaMaven> they’ll fix them!

  • slvrfire is getting scared now.
    <slvrfire> Hiya gunslinger.
    <Gunslingr> the SD web site’s dissappeared!
    <slvrfire> Wouldn’t that just suck?
    <JavaMaven> really, they will fix them (I always try to be the cheerleader in the face of tragedy)
    <slvrfire> What if they don’t?
  • slvrfire starts to panic.

You think this is concrete’s revenge that Anthracite mentioned?

I got a helpful message from my server that said something like “Sometimes a website moves and leaves no forwarding address, there is no remedy” Well thanks a lot! I thought you guys MOVED AND DIDN’T TELL ME. Whew.

That was the worst half hour of my life!! (Well, maybe not. It was still pretty bad though!)

It was just some DNS update weirdness. Nothing to be alarmed over.

If that was Concrete’s doing, he’s going to have to try a lot harder.

We really were starting to panic…

I mean, what were we going to do with our lives if boards ceased to exist? What would fill our empty hours?

::: gasps in horror :::

I never doubted a thing for a minute. I had complete confidence i… Ummm Janitor! could you please change the bag in my trash can? Thanks. Oh and try to get rid of that sweaty tissue smell if possible.
Yep, I knew that it was just a routine thing the whole time.

There was a problem with a DNS (name server) on UUNET, I believe. The net briefly lost track of our address. All fixed now, nothing to worry about, carry on.

Phew, now if someone could just apply some CPR to me, I’ll be just fine.

::gives self cardiac thump::

Does that mean that if we know the ip we could still access it? (yes, I noted the ip one day whne I had to use IE5 & it was so slow, I had time to. sad isn’t it?!)

Well, just a few minutes ago I tried to post and I got a message that my IP address had been banned. That scared me, but I guess it’s all fixed now.

me too hyper, I was scared - tuba has a pinicked email from me in her inbox!

Yeah, one from me too. I kept trying to figure out what I could have done to get myself banned. Wheeew. ::wipes sweat from forehead:: I’m glad that’s over.

I had the same message, and sent off the same “WTF” to Tuba. Please ignore that, Tuba, no need to reply. For just a minute, i thought my sins had caught up to me.

Hahaha… I had the same “Your IP address has been banned by the administrators” message a few minutes ago! I was all freaked out thinking, “But I hardly even post anything!” Glad I wasn’t alone. Not that I’m glad you all had to suffer the same fate… um… you know what I mean.

And Zenster: I have the same problem when I try to post from work, the “No thread specified” message. I’ve figured it out–for some reason I can make one or two line posts, but nothing over that from work! Weird, I tell ya…

Just after it happened I posted a thread about it in ATMB. Still awaiting responses. I swear I almost cried when I got that message.

I too got that horrifying message.

The first thought through my mind was: I knew I shouldn’t have made that risqué twinkie joke!

whew :slight_smile:

chalk me up on the you’ve been banned list – damn hiccups

I am so glad I didn’t get that message. Who knows what I might have done? My heart’s racing just thinking about it! BANNED. I couldn’t handle it.

I got that BANNED message, too. Did the panicky email to TubaDiva. Wondered if the impersonator troll was back, because I know I haven’t posted anything that would rate getting banned without a warning.

Poor TubaDiva, wonder how many emails she got.