Why am I sent to an internet security site when trying to get here?

All of a sudden, about half the time when I click on my history links to get to one of the forums here, I get sent to some internet security web site instead. I even get sent there sometimes when clicking on links to threads in some forums.

Anyone else seeing this?

Nope, not seeing that. It would help if you told us exactly what “internet security site” you’re being sent to. Also, what antivirus and other security software do you use? Any security related addons to your browser?

I am on my home computer and so are some other Mumpers, I am now on my tablet and have no problem same network though. Sent a message to the webmaster


Until now I was going to the Network Solutions no page found site, which made me think the mapping to the SDMB got broken. My google search showed me that Network solutions is the host. I was able to get to www.straightdope.com.

Did NS screw up, or did someone forget to renew?

ETA: the link to SDMB from the Dope main page were just as broken.

The site is straightdope.com

Yes, that’s it.

Jerry thinks it was the Sun-Times switching IP numbers. I saw the error page for a while, all now OK.

Was happening to me as well.

I’m still getting a blank page when I go to www.straightdope.com (the page source shows a redirect to an under construction type site, but it’s not being triggered). The forums have worked fine for me all day.

Maybe they don’t like the Bay Area anymore. This is basically their way of monetizing 414 (?) messages.

That could do it. I switched IP numbers (and hosts) for a site I maintain, and it made me very nervous. I did it in the middle of the night though, but as a volunteer I didn’t get overtime.

Still happening, sometimes when I click on a thread.

Using chrome is the only way I can get directly here. Explorer brings me to that website.

It’s been happening to me too, intermittently.

STM confirms it was them. Fix is in (we’re in Chicago, what else would you expect?), lingering problems should resolve soon. Pls advise if they persist.

Phew! So glad that’s all it was; I was going to the “under construction” page and wondered whether it was a hijack that would download malware if I clicked in any of the links.

Yeah, I’m still occasionally seeing the “Network Solutions” page instead of the front page of the Straight Dope site or the message board. When I refresh I get the good stuff back but if I do anything the Network Solutions page displays again.

Just to be safe, have you looked into this? Malware may knock thousands off Internet on Monday It probably isn’t that, mind. Better safe than sorry though?

I kept getting sent to the Network Solutions page earlier, too.

Cool. For a minute there I thought that I had picked up some malware or something.