Why does the Straight Dope keep sending me to "domain lander"?

I understand that sometimes when the board is busy I will get the message that the server cannot be accessed. But for the past two days, instead of getting that message, I’ve been rerouted to something called the Domain Lander, at this address:
http://xml.overture.com/d/search/p/igetnet/html/domainlander/?Keywords=story.news.yahoo.com%2Fnews%3Ftmpl%3Dindex2. What is this, and why does the Straight Dope want me to go there?

This is apparently due to some kind of browser hijacker, not the SDMB. A Google search on xml.overture.com turned up some pages about this, but I couldn’t find anything authoritative. Some people recommended getting AdAware and/or Spybot. They probably couldn’t hurt, but I’m not an expert either.

Having that link active might not be a good idea. I followed it, and it didn’t appear to do anything to my PC, but you never know. I’ll notify the mods to see if any action is necessary.

I get a pge similar to that every time I make a typo in the address line. It goes to a stock search page.

But it also can go there if one link in the connection chain is not responding.

I think it depends on the domain server computer your used to resolve words (like straightdope.com) into numeric web addresses (the ones that look like etc.)

I even get that on my own web page when my page is undergoing maintenance.

It’s malware. Adaware should remove it, though I can’t say for sure, since I don’t run Windows.