Are the Bourne books any good?

Two books, and why is it an either/or? I was. :slight_smile:

Obviously :wink:

I agree with the theory, just took umbrage at it being used against Austen. Whatever her faults as an author or people’s reasons for disliking her writing, overuse of “darling” in dialog isn’t one of them.

Pretty scary, Dangerosa, how quickly you figured all that out!

Well, Austen is extraordinarily popular public domain, so its an easy search on an Austen fan site.

But I’ve read a lot of Austen - or perhaps, since she didn’t write that much its more fair to say I’ve read Austen a lot - she avoided romance dialog - being a far better writer than Ludlum (even if you don’t like Austen, I think we can all agree one of these authors has written novels that have been read for two centuries and will probably still be being read two centuries from now and one writes books you can guiltlessly leave on the airplane unfinished - I suppose its possible that a hundred years from now Ludlum will receive recognition as a “great author” but somehow I doubt it) she knew that its really hard to write good romance dialog.

(Says the woman whose main City of Heroes character is named Elizabeth Bennett. And I cannot believe I just compared Austen’s writing style to Ludlum’s. Next up, the Dan Brown / F. Scott Fitzgerald face off!)