Are the following facts both true [Holocaust denial and WTC denial]

  1. Wtc was 1000 Celsius
  2. Holocaust ovens were more

The World Trade Center on 9/11? I don’t believe 1000deg Celsius is supported by the modeling. Wouldn’t be shocking if some small point got that high but the fire is not believed to have consistently gotten that hot. Above 700 deg for sure though.

The Holocaust? Probably not much above 1000 deg, if even that much. Too much heat would damage the equipment.

a) yes, give or take, in places according to NIST

b) Probably not. According to Wikipedia

it is unlikely that the Nazi’s who would have had less modern equipment and less interest in achieving complete cremation would have used hotter temperatures.

So since this thread was started in GD rather than GQ, one wonders whether the OP is branching out from Federal reserve conspiracy into WTC conspiracy or into Holocaust denial or, Og forbid, going for the trifecta.

What is the connection between these two statements if they happen to be true? What are you trying to debate here?

Nazi ovens brought down the WTC, I knew it!“brought+the+fire+in+the+ovens+up+to+1800”&source=bl&ots=QT0tZH5M1y&sig=5GtCUoPL53bXTADmnGSEfaNqf-I&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiB6PPhqZHeAhUT_1QKHf-rAGcQ6AEwAHoECAAQAQ#v=onepage&q=“brought%20the%20fire%20in%20the%20ovens%20up%20to%201800”&f=false

If you disagree youre a holocaust denier

You can’t be serious with this.

Disagreeing with the temperature estimates of a single person means you are a Holocaust denier?

Come on, man.

Yes it does. All temperature estimates are over 1000c

Ok. Sure, yep! Ovens were over 1000 Celsius.

Based on what? And how does that make someone a holocaust denier? And what does that have to do with 9/11?

You opened this in Great Debates. If you’re going to do that, you have to provide the basis for debate. So far, you haven’t done so.

What has this to do with the World Trade Center?

This links to pages from a novel.

You’re doubting holocaust testimony

It’s not a fiction story

Schlesak employs interviews with concentration camp survivors, letters and camp records, and statements from witnesses both for the defense and the prosecution. As his main narrator he uses the testimony of an actual survivor named Adam, one of the Jewish prisoners, who recounts with mounting horror stories about the victims whose murders he witnessed.

I’m just doubting you have made a case for…whatever it is you are trying to make a case for. What do the two claims in your OP have to do with each other?

If you accept or reject both claims youre a holocaust denier

Again, what does this have to do with the WTC disaster?

It would mean wtc refutes holocaust?

Nazi if you do, and Nazi if you don’t?
Pray tell, what response means you aren’t a holocaust denier?

Anyone who believes wtc is a holocaust denier