are the fonts smaller or what?

Say - I just had a snafu with my DSL line and we were out of commission for a day or so. Now that we’re back, I notice that some sites seem to have changed. This one, for example, seems to have smaller fonts, or else I can see a lot more of the page. Did you guys do something while I was gone, or do I need to do something so that I can read what’s on the !@##!% page? Boy, it’s small!!! thanks.

Whatever has happened is, I believe, local to you.

Have you changed your display settings in Windows? (if indeed that is your choice of OS) - have you a mouse with a scroll wheel on it? - try <ctrl>scrolling in IE and see what happens (if indeed IE is your choice of browser).

Yep, it must be you. We all look the same.

nope - I didn’t change the settings. In fact, I notice now, as I type this, that my font is larger (looks about normal to me) than the font in all the previous posts. Man, it’s hell being a computer pinhead these days. Books, I can figure out. crap.

<ctrl> scrolling!!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!?!

Learn something new everyday! Thanks :smiley: :smiley:

Ok, well it doesn’t work for me. I’ve fiddled with the display settings and can’t get it to the size it was yesterday. Sheesh. It’s strange. Again, as I type this, I can see the previous post, and although my typing is normal size, the print on the SDMB page is smaller than normal, and when I post this, then IT will also be tiny. What hath Gates wrought?

Do you have another browser you can load the page up in? What browser are you using, for that matter? Or perhaps we’re just seeing a conservation of total font size. :smiley:

Ah, nice suggestion. I usuallyl go through AOL’s browser, but I invoked Internet Explorer for this visit. And I’m seeing the same thing. In the box where I’m typing, the font looks normal. Above, in Archernar’s post, the print is smaller, and I can guarantee that when I post this, it will come up smaller too. Anyone have any clue as to what’s happening in my computer and why? I CAN read it, but it’s harder. More annoying than anything else, but also curious.

No doubt! Lookit me go! Bigger! Smaller! Bigger! Smaller! Sup-er-Grover!