Is this Huge Font Action I'm Experiencing Normal?

After about fifteen minutes of browsing the SDMB, the font jumped to a seemingly 16 pt sized font…is my computer going through a difficult phase right now and things will be back to normal, or has the format of the board been modified? (I hope it’s not the latter, because anyone within a 15 foot radius could read what’s on the screen. Troubling). I’ve left the board and then come back on thinking things might scale down, but they haven’t. Clicking on a link to another thread returns the intial new thread to normal, but if I proceed from there, the font size is back to its well-endowed proportions from before.


Are you sure you haven’t just inadvertently changed the font size setting in your browser (do all sites look like that or just the SDMB?)?

Huh. Maybe I did, Mangetout. I just checked a couple other cites…and some of them are the same as they were before, but a couple are also bigger than normal…if I did change the font settings without realizing it, how do I change things back?

If you are using internet explorer just click on view and then text size. Also one culprit that can do this is if you hit ctrl while moving the scroll wheel on your mouse.

Thanks a lot, Slartibartfastt, it was the ctrl + scrolling combo. I no longer feel like…a person that has to read huge type face because they’re an idiot. Thanks again.

Probably not Orange Skinner’s problem, but a worthwhile fact to know for others encountering this, is that when one’s system resources have shriveled as a result of extensive Internet surfing, Windows or IE will default to a “standard font” which is, more or less, 12-point Helvetica as it would be displayed in a 800x600 resolution – and with modern resolution, that looks enormous. The cure is to sign off and reboot (a warm reboot will take care of it) and then sign back on.

Opera users can adjust page magnification (everything gets bigger, not just the font) by hitting some of the numbers on the keypad. Both a blessing and a curse.

(I assume this is true for Windows as well as MAcs.)