Are the Governments of the world right about aliens causing mass hysteria?

On occasion I enjoy watching UFO documentaries on youtube and while most are pretty lame there are a few that really get me thinking. In my mind it is a no brainer that other intelligent life exists and there is at least some credible evidence that they have visited Earth, but the Government in all of its wisdom refuses to acknowledge this. The general idea behind this denial is the fear that it will cause mass hysteria. I feel that I could handle the information. I mean sure, it would be scary in the sense that we are clearly under equipped to handle a “threat”, but if they are here they clearly don’t seem to be overtly hostile toward us. If the President had a sudden news conference to acknowledge a massive alien warship orbiting Earth then sure there would be mass hysteria. If the Government simply acknowledged that, yes, there are ETs and, yes, they have been visiting us for some time then I think we could handle that.

What do you believe?

I don’t believe there is any credible evidence that extraterrestrials have visited Earth.

But as for the question of how people would react, I would expect some fierce political and religious controversy, but nothing as dire as “mass hysteria”. It wouldn’t be nearly as bad as 9/11, for example.

A substantial number of people already believe aliens have visited Earth and they don’t seem as hysterical as the people who think undocumented human aliens are a big problem.

I believe your thread title is rather confusing.

Is it just me, or is there almost no connection between the thread title and the actual poll?

ETA: it wasn’t just me.

And this credible evidence would be…?

I’m curious, what is this “credible evidence” you are aware of that aliens have visited Earth?

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The credibility of evidence is always going to be in question as long as the Government controls the information, denies the evidence or writes everything off as natural phenomenon or simply unexplained. Certain eye witnesses give credibility to claims in my opinion. Especially witnesses who come out and have a lot to lose in terms of employment (civilian or military pilots, military officials) or affiliation (government officials, scientists, astronauts).

How does the government control the information? They’re not going to be able to do much to stop a species capable of interstellar travel from talking to the press, are they?

Soooo…the lack of evidence is your evidence. How very clever.

No. Not clever. What’s that other word?

Predictable. Mindnumbingly predictable.

The title assumes that the Government is denying existence due to fears of mass hysteria.

Okay, hypothetically speaking; Aliens exist and visit Earth frequently, but the Government denies their existence due to fear of mass hysteria. Is the Government right or do you think society could handle the truth?

For the purposes of this thread are we now dropping the claim that it is actually happening?

But there’s this guy with really awesome hair on TV, and he says pretty much everything is caused by aliens. And he’s on The History Channel. With really awesome hair. So he’s probably right. (and an alien.)

I believe aliens exist but I doubt they’ve come here or come anywhere else. I don’t think there is any warp drive or exploitable wormholes or tesseract-based interstellar travel available, and that there’s no interstellar confederation or empire or any of that shit.

I’m willing to be wrong; I’ve been wrong before. But the “aliens have been here and the government is keeping it secret” folks seem to have a whole labyrinthine structure of beliefs ranging from what the extraterrestrials look like to what their intentions are to what kinds of interactions they’ve had with humans to what their starships look like and how they behave. And as far as I can tell, there’s not a whit of it for which there’s enough evidence to make it more likely that it is so than that it is not so.

Soooo… You clearly disagree, but instead of simply stating that you don’t believe you’d rather bash and flame me for having an opinion that differs from yours. It seems to be a common theme on this site for people to just bash and flame posters instead of engaging in a constructive conversation. I see in posts all across the board. You get one resident asshole to start the shit slinging and then all the little minions join in and try to one up your assholiness. Its boring. I can’t imagine people actually being like this in real life and being successful so I doubt you are overtly rude and condescending in your relationships or at work. Is the internet just your personal outlet for all the pent up frustration? Were you bullied as a child, or even now as an adult (assuming you are an adult)? Seriously, my goal is not to convince you or anyone one way or the other. I just wanted to have a conversation. So, why not just bow out and leave the conversation if you really don’t have anything constructive to add?

By the way, I just love this idea that the governments of the world would cooperate to hide a secret like this. I can only think of three comic book universes this might work in: Disney, Archie and Harvey. I cannot begin to imagine who such thing could be kept secret very long on this tumultuous planet. Hell, I can’t begin to imagine the Democrats and Republicans not leaking information right and left if they thought it could help them and/or hurt the other party.

Maybe you can point out some of these credible eyewitnesses. I don’t think the results will be any different, but you’re just offering an opinion right now without trying to back it up, and getting the predictable response.

I see you’re pretty new here, but this is how all such threads go unless you make a better argument. You’ll still get shot down, but if you present some links to the anecdotal evidence you’ll get some better responses.