Are the Governments of the world right about aliens causing mass hysteria?

Yes, but if you found it by searching on Google, it must be true.

What would happen if some other kind of predictable disaster were, in fact, predicted?

Suppose they discover that Mass Extinction Event Asteroid heading our way, having a Really Close Encounter date of about July 2018?

If that became known, would there be mass hysteria?

Would the governments of the world keep it a secret (or try to) in the hope of avoiding that? If so, would they be successful?

ETA: Would there be laws passed forbidding any open discussion of it? With draconian punishments for any violations? Would our best scientists be banished to the Phantom Zone?

The question isn’t “Would They?
The question is “Could They?
And the answer is rather obviously NO.

I tried to give you a reasonable response. Other than people sharing your opinion, and there are many on this board, what did you expect? You stated your opinion and without providing any substantial reasoning for it you got the appropriate opinions of others who disagree.

Now I’ve been subject to the mass assault before, I’ll suggest you just back up, calm down, and rethink your approach.

I can appreciate that. I don’t think I need a substantial reason for having an opinion, but I believe I gave ample reason for my interest. My suggestion is for people to be less offensive on this site in general and be more open to having a conversation instead of attacking people just for the sake of being obstinate jerks. I didn’t start this thread to attack or question anyone’s belief system. That would warrant this rudeness. I’m simply trying to have a conversation about a topic that I find interesting. Wouldn’t it be easy enough to say “I don’t believe there is credible evidence.”?

Oh, right here:

This is one of several articles about the experiment found by another Google search.

It would be even easier not to make a claim of having such evidence if one has no intention of showing it, thus keeping the thread closer to the realm of straight opinion.

Wait… Okay folks, I think it’s finally sinking in. Probably too early to stow the sock puppets and crayons, but I think he’s making progress.

I think the real question is are governments covering up the existence of Unicorns? There is already plenty of credible evidence suggesting that the answer is yes. But why?? To monopolize the Unicorn horn market? To prevent mass hysteria?? Let’s have a civilized discussion please. No dickheads allowed.

You may not see it because of what you believe, but perhaps you can reread your opening post to see why others would find it to be offensive itself. For example, when you said “it is a no brainer” before stating your opinion, you’ve opened the thread by insulting every person who disagrees with you.

It’s also part of this board culture that we challenge things that are presented as facts when they are not. That’s going to be true anywhere in the forums. “I believe in aliens” might be better suited to In My Opinion than to General Questions, but “I have credible evidence of aliens” is going to be examined closely no matter where you post it. That’s not just because we disagree… if you really do have credible evidence, we want to know what it is.

Imminent death vs. a perceived threat, though. It would be interesting to see how the Government would handle that. They probably have a plan.

Which department of “The Government” do you suppose has this plan, and how do you suppose this plan is protected from partisan bickering and administration changes?

If a common figure of speech like “no brainer” is that offensive then I apologize for offending you.

I never said I HAD credible evidence. I said I believe some of the evidence is credible. Big difference. I think the bigger issue is this board is chock full of people who choose an argumentative stance on nearly everything and then justify it however they see fit. This thread is far from an exclusive example of this bizarre behavior.

Well, I have told the tale of my uncle and my father here, but in order to prevent mass hysteria I dasn’t tell it again. :eek:

What government are we talking about? USA? Russia? UK? France? China? Japan? North Korea? Nicaragua? Kenya?

I mean really there is just a good chance of a REAL Roswell incident happening in the middle of say Kenya as there is in the middle of China so any government at any time could possibly spill the beans.

ET’s, well public knowledge of them threatens governmental power, it would not cause mass hysteria, but a better society for everyone, but will invalidate the system that keeps the ruling class in power, thus the need to deny the public that knowledge and make up that excuse that it would cause mass hysteria. ET’s would welcome us into the greater galactic family.

The idea that aliens have visited but The Governments is covering it up is dumb.

A civilisation with FTLT has the choice to be undetectable or uncoverupable.

But half assed partly secret contacts with our imaginary world government? Thats just daft.

The position that I have always held with regard to the Fermi Paradox, or Where is Everyone? is that we are not some young technological species but are the early ones, the Elder Race, of fiction. The only ones.

At least in this local part of the Milky Way. The Orion Spur off the Sagittarius arm. We have never been visited and never will be. UFOs are in real decline since the advent of phones with high quality resolution.

News this week tends to support this.

The Earth bloomed early. Many of the potential life supporting planets have not yet even been formed. A common trope is that we are being protected as an emerging civilization, or quarantined as being too violent and immature.

Nope. No one is now listening, visiting, driving by, or monitoring. They are still just ooze in some potential sea.

If we last long enough we will be the old farts of this little section of our Milky Way.

Now get off my solar systems yard!

Mass hysteria occurs all the time. 9/11. Any country that has just been invaded. A stock market crash.

Governments don’t really fear mass hysteria. Hell, they encourage it at times in order to retain or take power. I too would like a citation saying that all governments of the world believe the claim in the thread title. I’m pretty sure my city government doesn’t believe that knowledge of aliens, unicorns or dragons would cause mass hysteria and wouldn’t especially care if it did. Hysteria is a rather manageable problem.

Of course you wonder what would happen if say some little country or some group like ISIS wanting to conquer the world would get handed some advanced weaponry.