Are the Stones "done"?

I don’t know if they’d call it the Rolling Stones, but they’ll make music till they physically can no longer do so. They like doing it and their fans are very loyal.

I have never been a hardcore fan. I like some of their stuff and some of it I don’t. For me it’s about 50/50 (like/hate)

Here is what I would like to hear from the Stones (and something which they may still have in them): a quiet, bluesy, mostly acoustic album. That would be fitting for gentlemen of their, erm, advancing years, and it’s a style they do very well when they bring their considerable talents to bear.

A few years ago Jagger said something about being uncomfortable or not calling it “Rolling Stones” if Charlie Watts left. Which he hasn’t and I doubt Jagger would leave a few hedged words standing in the way of making a few hundred million.

Came across this article in “Forbes” on line.

The Stones are the ultimate capitalists. There is also an interesting link in the “this is an old story” just about the Richards film clip from “Pirates of the Caribbean” from 2002 on their business structure.

Cockroaches will vanish before the Rolling Stones stop touring and releasing albums (mainly live ones, only six studio since 1981).

Mick’s solo albums were awful, and he toured in support of the first one. It was an embarrassment, especially when these non-Stones played Stones tunes. Keith called him out on it. Mick’s had four solo albums (Five, counting the “Very Best Of” collection, half of which was duets with heavy hitters liken David Bowie and Bono) and while they charted, I suspect none of them broke even. Keith has had two, also kind of unremarkable. Any solo efforts by either of them at this point would be pounding sand down a rat hole.

I saw the Stones’ Voodoo Lounge tour 13 or 14 years ago. Everyone went nuts over the old 60s-70s material, but the songs from the album they were touring to support were met with indifference. Their opening act, The Counting Crows, had an album out (August and Everything After) that was at the time outselling Voodoo Lounge at about ten to one.

The Stones haven’t been THE STONES in quite a while and further tours have the stink of diminishing returns. It’s time for a quartet of dignified retirements.

The Stones as musical innovators have been done for decades.

The Stones as a revival show helping folks willing to pay money to enjoy themselves still seems quite viable, if last tour’s grosses are any indication. They sound credible, not embarrassing, and aren’t claiming to be raging innovators. No issues here.

The Stones as a group of personalities will be notable until the last one goes and then be documented for history…
I can hardly wait to read Life: The Gospel According to Keef

From the sound of the reviews and quotes, it sounds like he tries to be plainspoken about the archetypally-disspated rockstar life he’s been able to lead…

Sticky Fingers - The Musical

I wonder if he has some of the same Neanderthal genes as Ozzy? :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t watch Ozzie’s show much, but Keith was far more with it.
In the very positive review of his book in the Times yesterday, which I wouldn’t have believed if I hadn’t heard him interviewed, it was noted that only two things will survive a nuclear war - cockroaches and Keith Richards. I can believe it.

From the article that inspired that discussion at SDMB: Ozzy suggested they study Keith’s genes next.

I loved the Stones from the beginning but missed their first show at Houston’s Music Hall. Word from the Butter Queen: Mick augmented his bulge with a sock onstage. Then Brian died, so why bother? I was always more into local & regional shows than the big arena stuff. (Still kicking myself that I missed The Allmans while Duane was alive.)

The idea of the Stones doing an acoustic, bluesy show does sound interesting. The original bluesmen kept going for many years–with wisdom, dignity & nice suits.

I had a chance to see them in 1983, at Rich Stadium. I declined because they were too old and over the hill!

radio story just heard had Keith saying a tour and album next year.

I’ve always thought the Stones were way over-rated, but that’s just me. It would be interesting to see Keef up close, I guess…

**boomerwang **- how’s that wounded finger? Playing any more guitar?

I would humbly suggest that it is easy to take the Stones for granted - when they are woven into the fabric, when their songs have specific places in our social rituals (e.g., Using Start Me Up at a sports event) it can be easy to write them off.

I would also suggest that if you take the time to dig in, you will be rewarded. A lot.

I heard the same thing yesterday as well. Keith is under the impression that they will begin recording in December.

I saw them on the Steel Wheels tour. Kind of mind-boggling to think that, even then, they were catching flack for being too old, and that was more than 20 years ago.

I recall reading Keith once say that he planned to keep going until he dropped dead onstage. I think as long as Mick feels he has room to “create” (i.e., attempt to do something other than the same old Stones shit) the band will keep going. And the loss of Charlie Watts, I predict, wouldn’t make Mick hesitate for more than a moment.

(Side note: I’ve never heard a Mick solo record. But Alejandro Escovedo’s version of “Evening Gown” is great.)

Hey WordMan! The hand’s healed nicely, thanks. There’s still a bad tingle in the pinkie, but it’s improving week by week. I can play some things quite fast now, which is nice.

Re: the Stones, I’d be happy to ‘explore’ them, if I knew where to start. I might do some random Stones-surfing soon.


about 12 years ago I tried to by a Dream Academy CD at a used CD store…it was 50 bucks so I didn’t. The guy told it was so expensive because it gone “out of print”. I’m pretty certain Dream Academy wasn’t as popular as the stones, so I can only imagine what they’d charge for 40 licks.

There was an old Bloom County where they actually mentioned something like that back in the 80s.

How old is Mick Jagger? Without checking I’m sure he’s gotta be close to 70…

I think he might be a zombie.