Are the Stones "done"?

Are we going to see another Rolling Stones album and/or tour?

Has Mick said anything about this lately?

What’s your take on this?

Would you like to see more Stones music?

I think most of us actually hear their music, and no, thank you, I don’t need any more from them. They said all they had to say well over 20 years ago.

they probably would have success running a rock and roll fantasy camp.

i’ve never seen them and won’t if they toured.

Their last major hits collection, Forty Licks, has been deleted, so I’d guess there might be another 2 or maybe even 3 disc compilation within the next few years (featuring a couple of new songs), which will be promoted with a world tour, and then they’ll be done.

Maybe in some alternate genre, but trying to muster up the same rock & roll - no thanks.

Kind of like my feelings regarding an open casket at a funeral - no thanks, I’d rather remember them for what they were in their prime

I have heard that there are plans for an album and tour soon.

All this stuff about them being past it is bullshit. Their last album, A Bigger Bang was quite good indeed. Sure, it was no Beggar’s Banquet, but it was still a good, hard rocking Stones album.

I saw them on tour within the past 4 years, and Mick’s voice was shot on the night I saw them. They still rocked and shook most of Oakland. I would pay to see them again.

What does this even mean?

All the copies have been destroyed by the super magnet that Keith Richards keeps in his hair.

It means they’re not manufacturing any new copies and not putting it on any digital stores for download. All copies that remain were made before the deletion. As it was such a major release at the time and sold so many copies, it doesn’t make it rare (yet), just not available through retail stores anymore. I’d guess any prospective buyer could find a copy at a used CD store or on eBay.

OK, we already have a term for this concept: ‘out of print’. It also happens all the time to the vast majority of everything that gets published, although it happening to a Stones anthology is a little noteworthy.

(And the fact it isn’t being sold digitally is less than impressive. Doesn’t Apple still do that ‘99 cents a track’ deal at iTunes? Couldn’t you get every Stones track you’d ever want that way and collate them into your own anthology album?)

When something is deleted, it goes out of print. It most certainly doesn’t happen all the time, especially not when we’re talking about albums by pop music acts.

As for buying all the songs digitally - yes, but you can’t buy them as Forty Licks and you can’t get the new songs that were included in that album. Also it’s a bit of a hassle to buy forty or so songs individually and would be more expensive than it would be if the album was available. As for it being “less than impressive”… I’m not trying to impress you? I mentioned it because it means they don’t have a career-spanning collection currently on the market, which opens up the opportunity for them to do a new one.

Derleth, “deleted” is a long-established recording industry synonym for what the publishing industry calls “out of print.” (It refers to items being “deleted” from the “catalog” of past recordings.)

I saw them three times: '69, '72 and '75.
I’ve never cared to see them again, especially at the prices they now charge (I know young’ns are sick of hearing this, but I paid $5 in 1972.)
I have not bought a Stones album in decades.

I do not feel this way about all the old dinosaurs; I still purchase Neil Young music, saw him in 2000 and I’d go see him again–but I do about the Stones.

To me the Rolling Stones are now musically static, have been for a long time.
I just now went to the Stones website and was pestered with annoying pop-ups assisting me with “my shopping experience.”
Then I went to the Neil Young site (there are two, one is his anti-war site, and one is Neil’s Garage.) Neil’s Garage has a video clip for Le Noise (new film and album.) He is not always successful, but Young is still creating and taking chances.

I might buy Richards’ memoirs in paperback; I’ve seen the excerpts about the Glimmer Twins. Richards’ says he won’t “give up” because it’s not about the money, he is doing it for himself. That’s fair enough, it is his chosen career, it’s what he knows and loves and I loved it too–but my Rolling Stone shopping experience has been and will continue to be minimal.

You can’t always get what you want. :smiley:

Seriously, iTunes doesn’t have “Don’t Stop” or the other tracks that were recorded for this album, “Keys To Your Love,” “Stealing My Heart,” and “Losing My Touch.” And “Don’t Stop” is a real rocker, probably the best new Stones song of the last 20 years. It could easily have come off an album such as “Tattoo You.”

Caprese really summed it up for me. They’ve been doing the same old thing for so long… I mean I like their old thing, but I’d rather listen to their old same old thing than their new same old thing.

Musicians like Neil Young and (I think) U2 and Tom Waits–keep trying new things. Some stuff they do, I don’t care for. Some stuff I think “THAT’S INCREDIBLE!!”. They continue to be influenced and continue to influence, as a result.

Stick a fork in 'em.

No the Rolling Stones will continue making albums and performing until the last member stops breathing. Their hardcore fan base still loves them, and they enjoy doing this, so there’s nothing to stop them.

Now whether or not the should be is another question :slight_smile:

Don’t think Mick would go on without Keith and still call what he was doing The Rolling Stones. Maybe something solo.

I saw them in San Jose and Oakland something like 8 and 11 years ago. That Jagger can still move like that is rather amazing. I haven’t listened to a new album for a while, but judging from their set list they didn’t expect anyone to. I got to see them for free both times, which might cloud my judgment.

BTW, Keith was on Fresh Air last night, and amazingly enough he still has a brain.