The Rolling Stones are on tour!

Let’s just get this out of the way first - if you’ve come in here to natter on about how the Rolling Stones suck, they’re old, they suck, they stole their music from other musicians, they suck, there are so many other original and talented bands that don’t cost a bajillion dollars to see, or they suck, then, well, keep your cakehole shut. I don’t care.

I am excited, and fully intend to go into hock to see them. (I’ve got two-thirds of a healthy liver I never even use, so that’s a definite sale possibility) I saw them at the United Center a few years back and it was awesome. Let’s face it, Mick and Keith only have a few years left in 'em anyway…of course that’s what I said last time arond.

Three dates in Chicago, including the Aragon, which would be a pretty intimate setting for them - no Double Door, but still would be a great show. Anyone else thinking about seeing 'em?

Well, seeing as i’m all the way up in Maine, there’s a good chance I won’t get to see them. But, seeing as the last concert that I went to was Pearl Jam at Meriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia MD back in Sept. 96, it’s pretty clear that I don’t get out as often as I used to.

Would I go see them if I had the opportunity? Truthfully?


Not to slag on the Stones because they are one of the greatest rock bands ever, but they stopped growing creatively and musically back in 1973 with Goatshead Soup. 29 years is a LONG time to coast on your reputation. It’s interesting that the Stones aren’t going to be touring behind a new album, which is not an auspicious sign, but rather a worrisome sign. It’s like the Stones are turning into The Who, who at least had the balls to be upfront and say that they were just doing anniversary tours and what not.

It’s also interesting that there may not be any stadiums on the tour, which means that the Stones could be losing their fan base. Not that I’m applauding such a thing, just that it seems ot be another sign that they should think about packing it in except for the OCCASIONAL anniversary tour, say every five years or so.

Having said all of that, I have no doubts that the tour will sell out and make semi-obscene to obscene amounts of money. Which is not a bad thing.

After all, you have to keep Keith well supplied with Jack Daniels and cocaine, don’t you?

I’m an old guy (35…well, I FEEL old) and I’ve seen them twice.

But Christ, someone get a rope!

yay, the Stones rule. I saw them at eight shows through four countries on their last tour, and will be coming to Boston to kick this one off if I can get the coin together at all. No one knocks the Stones!

I heard on the radio: 5/11 at the BrawlRoom.

There’s at least one stadium on the tour - United Center in Chicago.

They’ll be the first band to play in Houston’s new stadium. Will I go? I don’t know. I’ve seen them 6 times already and I don’t want to screw up some pretty damn good memories. I like the hell out of them but would sure prefer to catch 'em in some tiny venue instead of some honkin big stadium.

Anyone have a link to their concert schedule. Yes, I know, I can Google it.

I saw the Stones two times in Tokyo. Oh. My. God. Do they rock! I am hoping I can see them in Paris, and that’ll make three continents!

I <3 Mick Jagger.

All these dates are ‘rumoured’ but they hit Paris in July of 2003. I can wait.