Should the Roling Stones retire

they been doing music since the 60s when would be a goog tiem to bow out?

When they stop selling tickets.

When they feel like it or die - whichever comes first. Except for Keith Richards. Seems nothing can kill him.

Why would they? The money is great and they’re doing what they love.

When satan allows them to die. I’m pretty sure they made a deal with him long ago that gave them fame and riches on the condition that they have to continue to play satisfaction for the next 100 yrs.

They’re still pulling it off. Fans are lining up to hear them. Why should they stop?

Yeah, they got some vocal help for the parts they can’t quite nail anymore, but they’re totally open about it, and it means fans get to hear the songs how they expect them to sound.

I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t still be doing it if they weren’t enjoying it. It’s not like they need the money, after all.

I love that they just performed in Cuba and it was free. They also left behind thousands of dollars in musical equipment for the local musicians.

They should play as long as they want.

They just played to 500K folks in Cuba. Why stop now? Still put on a fantastic show!

3:37 gmt.

They have taken lots of cues from blues musicians who played until they died. The Stones will probably do the same.

Oh god, please. Please. Please retire. Hell, just quit… no need to package it fancy or anything. We’ve had enough.

Why should they retire? Why should they quit? If they want to keep on making music or performing, great. If people still want to see them perform or buy their music, fine.

Perhaps most importantly, if people DON’T want to buy their music or see them perform, great.

No one forces anyone to buy or listen to creative work from people.

I’m an artist. I intend on continuing on writing, drawing, creating stuff until I drop dead. No one’s going to tell me to retire. No one should tell anyone to retire.

A Rolling Stone gathers no moss, and doesn’t retire either.

They do. Like, all the time- I think there’s been Stones farewell tours for longer than I’ve been alive.

I think if I was in a new band, just starting out, I’d call our first tour our “Farewell Tour” since many other artists have shown those words don’t mean anything.

Golden Earring’s been at it longer. Why aren’t you asking them to retire?

I saw then around 7 years ago, and Mick could still sure move. So I’m fine with them continuing so long as Mick stays out of a wheelchair. Or until death catches up to Keith, which won’t be for another 50 years or so.
I can just see Death looking at Keith’s record. I DON’T EVEN TRY TO COME FOR HIM ANY MORE.

I’ll go along with the OP. Yes, they should. Denis Leary made a “joke” about bout someone should have put a bullet in the back of Elvis’ skull back in '57. It’s true.

The Stone (Mick or Keith) haven’t written anything decent in ages.

The irony of this thread is that in movie threads derpers clamor all over themselves about “art” vs $$$, but here it’s like, “why stop, they’re making money!!!”

I think that Death already got him, and forgot to log it.

They will bow out just like Lemmy from Motorhead. Keep doing shows until they drop dead. People keep paying to see them and they enjoy touring, why stop.