Are there alternative sites to Gofundme for personal fundings?

Short version: I want a at least a somewhat decent low end gpu by todays standards for rendering, but don’t know where to ask for help.

Longer version: I’m starting out with more serious 3d modeling and video editing on my PC and I want to grow my career in that direction, but being from east Europe I can only afford a very slow PC by modern standards. I use two programs, Blender for modeling and Sony Vegas for video editing (rendering in 720p), but my gpu is a entry level Radeon 7730 from 2013 that still has a ddr3 type memory and a vga connector (pretty much no other modern card has a vga connector) and neither of the two programs I use can use that GPU for rendering (they don’t give you my card as an option), even though they can use entry level cards from 2016, especially Nvidia cards with their Cuda cores, so I can only render stuff using my CPU and that’s several times longer waiting time, also the Radeon 7730 can’t handle stuff like particles in Blender (grass,etc.), since the gpu starts freezing and crashing the program. A cheaper card like 1050 Ti would be perfect enough for my uses, but I can’t afford even that on my own, I only have around 40% of money needed for that card, so I’m still not even on half of the path.

Kickstarter seems to be only about projects, but I’m not making a specific “project”, so that doesn’t really work, I guess that Indiegogo is the same thing and on the other hand Gofundme works in theory, it’s made for personal funding as well, you can find anything from private animal shelters to “can I haz a Iphone 99 plz”. I made a campaign there a few days ago, but I just got a message from them that “my country is not supported” and that they are basically kicking me of the site, even though I saw at least 10 other campaigns from Serbia for various topics.

I suppose that you can withdraw funds from their site via Paypal and Paypal works in Serbia, so I have no idea why would it matter to Gofundme where I’m from if the money would go to Paypal, from where it can actually reach me, but…whatever. So, since they are off the list as well, are there any other sites that could work?

btw. I am supposed to start working a “offline” job as well this or next month, but I’ll make maybe 300 usd at best case scenario, since it’s my first job and that’s the average salary here, from that the majority will go to my mom with whom I live (for bills, groceries,etc.) and the remaining 100 would go into gas for my car, clothes,etc, so I’ll be lucky if I have even 10, 20 usd remaining at the end of a month, so a funding website like Gofundme could help a lot, but I don’t really know where else to look.