In case anyone wants to help me afford a low end gpu.

I of course know this is not a fundraising site, however after looking at every possible personal fundraising site and being denied due to me being from Serbia (Paypal just started working here couple of years ago, so I guess not everyone’s updated their sites for us…), I’m out of options, so I might as well ask here for some help.

So, I’m a 22 year old student and I make 3d models and edit videos in my free time (if you want, you can see some of my work on my Artstation portfolio )

, I absolutely love doing that and I want to do that on a more professional level in the future and invest more time in it, however I have a extremely weak gpu which can’t handle even low setting gaming, let alone content creation.

My current gpu is a entry level Radeon 7730 2gb ddr3, GCN 1 architecture. Two programs I use, Blender 3D and Sony Vegas, can’t use this card for render acceleration (which cuts rendering times anywhere from double up to several times, which can mean waiting 5 or 10 minutes instead of more than half an hour for a render to finish, be it a 3d model render or a 720p video), Blender even has separate plugins that serve as separate renderers (AMD Prorender for example), but even that can’t work with my card due to it being a now obsolete GCN 1 architecture card. Blender also starts freezing when I put particle objects (like grass) or when I open up a somewhat complex 3d model.

I pretty much have to buy a new GPU at this point if I want to do this and I decided that the best one for my budget level would be a 1050 Ti, it’s cheap, doesn’t require additional power connectors and is economical, it’s from 2016, so it’s relatively new and that means that many programs will support it for at least a few years. Buying a used card can be a better choice sometimes, since you can get a even more powerful card for less, but it is a gamble, since you don’t get a guarantee in case it breaks and it’s program compatibility lifespan will be shorter (like with my current gcn 1 architecture card) and when buying used, you have to pay cash, while you can pay monthly in the case of a newer card, so I’m going the safe path with the 1050 Ti.

The cheapest shop in my city and Serbia as a whole (called Emmi) has 210 usd (21.190 dinars) 1050 Ti, the cheapest variant of them (overclocked versions are up to 250 usd), I managed to gather around 60 usd, I’m selling my current gpu and may get 30 usd in best case scenario and that would leave me with 90 usd total, which is still far from 210, so if you want to help me with the remaining part, even if it’s just a single dollar, here’s my paypal

if there’s any additional questions, feel free to ask (preferably over pm if it’s something more personal)

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