Are there any academic programs or jobs where elementary school grades are relevant?

This. One of my good friends got into an Ivy with a B average in high school. A small high school in a very remote part of upstate New York.

I’ve run into the job applications that ask for elementary school name and address.

My academic career is upside-down; prestigious private elementary school, pretty good public magnet high school, BS at a state college I’m embarrassed to mention.

While attending an inner city public high school doesn’t eliminate you it puts you at a disadvantage because you cannot take the AP classes, and more importantly there is not the culture or academic achievement being valued. There are lots of examples of people overcoming these disadvantages, but there are tons more of people not being able to overcome them.

Wasn’t there some nonsense about a U.S. President or candidate once that concerned that question?

Please, no snarky political potshots or assholishness if you care to address this.

Comedian John Heffron does an extremely funny bit about this very subject. I’m paraphrashing here, but it goes something like this:

[Impersonating would-be boss]: We’d love to hire you for this position, Mr. Heffron, but unfortunately your third-grade teacher Mrs. Spickle says you take your snow pants off like this [flails legs wildly].

OK, so it’s funnier on Comedy Central than it is on the Dope.