Are there any animals that react to being tickled?

I think I’ve read that some monkeys react to being tickled, but are there any others?

Dogs do. With a good leg jerk/kicking action if you tickle a good spot. I also knew a horse that did that when you curried his belly.

If you blow gently on the outside of a dog’s ear (not inside the ear–that could hurt their eardrums) the ear will twitch from the tickling sensation of their fur moving slightly.

It’s also believed by some to be the reason why dogs don’t like their feet being handled.

yeah, my dog hates having her feet touched.

I saw a special on one of those science channels once, that was either about tickling or just had a section about tickling. But they showed how several animals seem to have a reaction to being “tickled” on the ribs which even includes rapid repeated vocalizations–in other words, something that sort of sounds like laughter.

The only animal I specifically remember was the rat–when they tickled the rat, it made a noise beyond the range of human hearing but which, when pitched down by a computer, sounded, well, nothing like a human laugh. But it was a rapid staccato vocalization, so it had a formal similarity to laughter.

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