Are there any blind people on the SDMB?

Back when I was a semi-serious web designer I learned all about accessibility requirements of the Web. It is, of course, possible to read the SDMB with a text-reader program.

So, do we have anybody here accessing the Boards by that method?

Please type more loudly.

Does being blinded by the light, or blinded by science count? Oh, and I was medically blind until I had Lasik surgery…

You pose an interesting question! Of course, at this point you’re still waiting for serious posters to reply. :smiley:

Any replies is better than no replies!

There’s this little fella: :cool:

I was under the impression that the vBulletin made it rather blind-unfriendly. I don’t have firsthand knowledge, though; I just remember reading it in another thread. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

I’m legally blind without my glasses. I can focus at just about an inch from the bridge of my nose when I’m not wearing my glasses.

WITH my glasses, my vision is just good enough for me to get a driver’s licence.

I’m blind in one eye. I got 20/40 in the other, 20/20 with glasses.

Not according to this site.

I have about the same visual range as you, Lynn. It’s impossible for me to ever leave my glasses anywhere- I can’t see at all without them.

I have the name, but not the vision. :cool: