Is anyone else overwhelmed? [SDMB colors and visual appearance]

A wonderful board but the whole concept hurts my eyes.

Can’t we do blue like in the background to make it more user friendly? And I can never figure out who has replied to me.

Am I tweaking the wrong buttons or is VBulletin whatever this is on just horrible? Can’t you nice folks give options how to view this board?

Well just a suggestion for the eye deluge impaired.

Reported for forum change

No, no. I am sitting here late at night and my eyes are going.

And there is Tapatalk.

Mate I am in the airport in Bayun and I can’t look at this white, neither can the people wanting to read. Why not make it more user friendly bloody hell.

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I would start a poll.

Blue is the new black folks, you are an institution, give people a choice. Human rights.

It’s basically crisp black text on a nearly-white tint background; that’s about as readable as a computer screen can get. Now, if you’re coming from Net 2.0 or 6.3 or Futurama or something, I understand this seems very primitive and complicated. But we generally communicate in more than 140-character chunks, over periods extending from hours to decades (literally) and aren’t here for the esthetics. Maybe you’re looking for TwitBook or Facer or Flappy Birds or something?

I apologize.

I guess I am a little nervy about flying out from Canton to KL. But you got to do something about this screen. What is this? Old bloody Hollywood? I have five people looking over my shoulder and they all agree.

The glare is something else, this is a VBulletin piece so I ask why are there no options implemented?


For the people who want to contribute but are visionally impaired this is hard for me.

There are many tools that change application displays for visual enhancement; I’m sure you are familiar with them.

Yes, this is an old-school platform and I’d bet that if you were to take a poll, 95% of the 6,000 active users would vote for it over any *nouveau *alternative. Those of us who still prefer the forum format over the shiny, colorful, animated portals with short and ephemeral content like it this way.

As a mere fellow users, I am sorry you are having trouble reading this on a mobile device while waiting for a plane. It’s not really suited to that format, especially for new users, although I read it frequently on my Note II in full-web format. If you can’t wait to get to a full-sized console, you might download Tapatalk, which optimizes forums for mobile displays and - IIRC - allows extensive customization of the display as well.

Wait, are you seriously suggesting that we make the background blue to make it easier to read? Black on blue is literally one of the most difficult pairings to read. We do care about making it easy on readers’ eyes-- That’s exactly why the board looks the way it does.

If you’re using Firefox, you can override the default text and background colors. Click on the orange “Firefox” button in the upper left, then Options>Content>Colors. Then uncheck the box that says “Allow pages to choose their own colors” and click on the colored boxes for text and background to change them.

Trying to figure out what the OP’s problem is. Everything looks fine to me. Maybe in the middle of the night with all the lights off it would be hard on the eyes, but I usually turn on the lights anyway (hard to type properly when I am having trouble seeing the keyboard).

Sitting bored and cranky in an airport, maybe? :slight_smile:

Yeah, been there.

Some vBull boards have additional themes — being free an’ all — with a little box to the lower left where users can select those they prefer.
I’m not suggesting this; just noting it’s suitable for addressing these sorts of complaints.

Well, sir, this forum originated as far back as the 20th Century (on an AOL forum - do you remember AOL?) in 1999. It’s a rather conservative group and, additionally, a not very well-funded site. When started it was sort of state of the art and yes it has aged…well, so have all of us. Most of us are content with the look and functionality of the board, even if it’s not perfect.

If you don’t care for this place I wish you well in looking for a place more suited to your wants, needs, and desires. Thanks for visiting.

That’s why a number of years ago I bought a keyboard with lighted keys, Makes typing in the dark MUCH easier!

I am old with bad eyes, and I find it easy to read. I usually access it from my iPad on Safari, but I use my Dell computer, too, and don’t have a problem.

Using the color contrast algorithm under WCAG 2.0, the page exceeds the minimum requirements. I suspect the platform you are using and/or your vision is where the problem lies.