Are there any Bourbons or Habsburgs still around?

And while we’re at it, any Hohenzollern or Vasa either?

Well, there’s this guy.

There’s Otto von Hapsburg, son of the last Austrian Emperor.

The present Bourbon pretender to the French throne is Henri Philippe Pierre Marie Bourbon-Orleans, Comte de Clermont. (My apologies for the goofy link, which is a subscription site dealing with historical boys’ clothing; hit “Cancel” on the login prompt to view the text. It’s the only short bio. of him I could find.)

The Spanish Bourbons, on the other hand, are represented by Juan Carlos, Rey d’España.

Franz Josef Otto Robert Maria Anton Karl Max Heinrich Sixtus Xavier Felix René Ludwig Gaetano Pius Ignazius von Habsburg, called Archduke Otto of Austria, is the heir of line to the Habsburg throne and lands. He’s legally a German citizen, is now approaching age 90, and was very involved in anti-Nazi efforts during World War II and in the creation of the predecessor bodies to the European Union in the years following the war. He may be the smartest Habsburg in history.

George Friedrich Ferdinand prince of Prussia, is the 28-year-old heir of line to the Hohenzollern lineage.

As far as I can tell, the Vasa line died out with Karl XIII (or his insane nephew Gustavus IV, whichever died last), and the Swedish inheritance passed to his adopted son Karl XIV Johann, né Jean-Baptiste Jules Bernadotte, formerly Marshall of France. The only indication of a surviving Vasa pretender is from a Google reference to a white supremacist website and message board, sharing a name with a meteorological phenomenon, that I am confident that SDMB administration does not want even mentioned, much less linked to.

Just to clarify the above , Juan Carlos, Rey d’España is the present king of Spain
and the Bourbon line will continue when his son succeeds him.

And while they weren’t mentioned in the OP, the Romanovs are still around as well. The Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna is generally considered the current claimant to the Russian throne, although there are disputes within the family.

And then there’s Prince Napoléon Joseph Charles Paul Bonaparte. Hey, they came back twice already.

Romanovs are still around? I’m surprised. I didn’t ask about them because I thought they were all killed during the Russian Revolution.

Polycarp, how did you do that? I imagine you must have some kickass history books or some kickass google-fu. Probably both.

Anyway, thanks for the answers. If there are any other somewhat-well-known monarchical lines not addressed, feel free to add.

Nicholas II and his family, along with his siblings and the other descendants of Alexander III were all captured and subsequently executed in Russia during the Civil War (all of them actually survived the two revolutions). But some members of other branches of the family managed to escape. The Grand Duke Cyril (1876-1938), who was the son of Alexander III’s brother Vladimir and Nicholas II’s cousin, was one of these and became the claimant to the throne after the Imperial family’s death. Cyril’s son was Vladimir (1917-1992) and Vladimir’s daughter is Maria (born 1953), the current claimant.

There’s scads of Habsburgs and Bourbons running around. There are descendants from Tsar Nicholas’ sisters, too (one, Xenia, married a cousin, Grand Duke Alexandr, so her children were double-Romanovs). If anything unfortunate happens to about twenty members of the Belgian royal family, there’s some Habsburg cousins waiting in the wings.

Strinka: Combination of an interest that left me with some vague idea of who and what to look for, then application of judicious Google searchwords. (Invoking the ancient Etruscan goddess of searches, Anasanasanser, doesn’t hurt either. ;))

Interestingly, and I’ll let Guin tell the story, the last King of Bulgaria was a child who inherited late in WWII and was dethroned in the Communist takeover after the war. But it’s fairly easy to find him now that the Communist rule is over there; he’s the President of the country. (While several people from Napoleon to Zog to Bokassa have moved from elected chief executive to monarch, he may be the only person to successfully go the other way.)

He’s now 92. If the Hapsburg monarchy hadn’t been abolished, he would be in the 83rd year of his reign :eek:, having long since obliterated Louis XIV’s European record of 72 years!