Are there any cities (or counties) other than San Francisco that offer a health insurance plan

We have health insurance plans on the state and federal level of the United States like medicare, medicaid, the ACA, etc.

But San Francisco has a plan called the healthy san francisco plan. It covers health insurance for people living under 500% of the federal poverty line.

Are there other cities or counties with plans like this? I believe Anthony Weiner discussed a single payer plan for NYC, but do other cities or counties have a plan like the San Francisco plan?

New York has a program called Child Health Plus which provides subsidized care to children who are otherwise not eligible for Medicaid. The premiums are free for families making up to 1.6x the federal poverty line.

What does “living under 500% of the federal poverty line” mean? How little does a family have to be making to qualify? And if they are making that little how can they afford to live in SF? Are we talking about the homeless population there?

It depends on what they are qualifying for - housing or healthcare.

A family of 4 can make up to $10,459 a month to be under 500% of the federal poverty line.