I have a real dilemma here. My girlfriend and I are struggling to provide proper healthcare for our three girls. She is a bookkeeper at a company that has been recently been doing major layoffs. I am an IT guy who was laid off after the company got bought out. I’m a student now stocking shelves at a supermarket just to make ends meet. This morning my girlfriend told me, “Well, I just lost the health insurance for the three girls.” Apparently, she exceeds the poverty limit. She owns a house but is now terrified that she can’t pay for it. She was just on the Obamacare website and the plans that are available are not affordable.

We live in Northern NJ. Any advice would be great.

First Question- I assume you’ve checked into how much, if any, subsidy you can get for the Obamacare plans?

I don’t know. How would I find that out?

“–Children 18 and under will continue to be eligible with higher incomes up to 350% FPL ($83,475 for a family of four). Parents still need to renew the coverage each year.
–Parents/Caretaker Relatives with income up to 133% FPL ($31,721 for a family of four) must have tax dependent children in their household in order to be eligible under this category. This is a new Medicaid Expansion eligibility group. Dependent children in the household must be insured also.”

Thanks, but that’s what we were just thrown off of. Our family is at that weird poverty/non-poverty level that was breached.

NJ family care gives coverage to children at 350% of the federal poverty level. Are you saying your lady friend makes $83,000+ a year? (which is the amount she would have to make for her children not to qualify)

Accoording to the paper I’m reading (county of Sussex) “This action has taken place because: you are denied because your income is over the NJFC standards at the county level for your children.”

The company she works for just lost their health care due to this new Obama Care. The new plans that were put in place are age based by person and will cost her an obscene amount of money per month to cover herself and her three children. Her yearly renewal application was sent in for NJ Family Care and enclosed she included all of the costs to her with what the benefits were that her company was now to offer.

HER health care was cancelled. to get healthcare FOR HER, she is limited to 125% of FPL. HER CHILDREN are entitled to healthcare if she makes less than 350% of FPL, which is $83,000 for a family of 4. You quote the part that relates to healthcare for HER. Her children are entitled to coverage, separately from her.
“Children 18 and under will continue to be eligible with higher incomes up to 350% FPL ($83,475 for a family of four). Parents still need to renew the coverage each year.”
Call on monday 1-800-701-0710

Unless her children are adult children. I didn’t consider that possibility in my replies. In that case, each person applies for themselves.

it just seems like you should talk to someone at NJ Familycare directly.

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