Obamacare Subsidies--Did I get one or not?

I enrolled my wife in insurance through healthcare.gov two days ago. I entered information to the effect that we’re a family of six, with an income over the coming year expected to be $61,000. All the subsidy calculators tell me this should mean we qualify for a subsidy. But at the end, it says we qualify for a subsidy of $0.

BUT the premium seems very low. It’s a $340/mo gold plan (IIRC), whereas the calculator sites seem to indicate that without a subsidy that should be over $1000/mo.

Do you think I actually got the subsidy and the website just misreports this?

Or do you think something else has gone wrong either in my reading of something or in what the website has determined?

Sounds like you got one to me. I don’t see gold plans at anywhere near that price for 2 people, much less 6.

You should be able to check by just going back through and putting in all your info, but giving yourself a lot higher income - $200K oughta do it. See what the premiums come out to in that scenario.

Are you enrolling just your wife, or the whole family of 6? Wasn’t entirely clear to me.

Only my wife–the kids get medicaid, I qualify through work.

$340 sounds exactly right. Why would it be over $1000 for just one person?

You did not get a subsidy. The Obamacare website is very specific about how much your subsidy is and how it is applied. If you’re paying $340 and it says 0 for subsidy, well, thems the facts.

Yep, looking back over the calculator sites, I believe I managed to pretend to enroll my entire family instead of just the one person. My mistake!

I thought the without-subsidy premiums seemed really high, but was just rolling with it. Vague ideas about ACA incentives inflating insurance prices or something.