Are there any documented cases of someone being run over by a pavement roller?

You know, those giant rolling machines that move at about 2 MPH?

You see it happen in cartoons (“Itchy and Scratchy”, and movies (“Austin Powers”), but has it happened in the “real world”?

Just curious…


Funny you should ask… I just saw this in the news the other day:

It isn’t the completely ran over (which I wouldn’t doubt has happened) but it is a case of someone getting ran over by a pavement roller.

Then there was this case just a few days ago. There aren’t many details here, however.

[cheezy childrens joke]When they went to return the body to the family, did they just slip it under the door?[/ccj]

It’s happened in “Tom & Jerry”, “Road Runner” and other cartoons.

Geez, what are the chances of that?

Pretty slim, I’ll bet.

LOL :smiley:

Bit of grammar pedantry while we’re here… the headline on that story reads “Man ran over by steamroller”.

Surely that should be “Man run over by steamroller”? Or does y’all got different rules over there?

I witnessed a man being run over by a asphalt truck (actually, it was just his head that was run over), but the roller was nearby. That was plenty close enough for me.

There was a case a few years ago when a Little Leaguer was rolled over by a turf roller, which is basically the same device. Apparently, an alien entity had taken control of all the machines in the world and they were all trying to kill us…

…Oh, no, wait, I’m sorry. That was in “Maximum Overdrive.”

When I was at Oxford a groundskeeper at another college’s cricket ground was run over by a pitch roller, which is about the size of, and runs at the speed, of a pavement roller. He saw a stone in front of the roller, and tried to pick the stone away before the roller pressed it into the pitch. Let’s not talk about what happened to the guy’s head. :eek:

Whoa…eerie simulpost, RickJay.

I believe an instance of this sort was included in plaintiff’s pleading of complaint for damages in Coyote v. Acme. :wink:

RickJay, I’m surprised you forgot about Vince Coleman. The St. Louis Cardinals outfielder, the team’s fastest player, was run over by the automatic tarp roller at Busch Stadium while stretching before a 1985 playoff game, had to be carried off in a stretcher, and was unable to play the rest of the postseason. Obligatory link.

Nope. Fascinating case, nevertheless. :smiley: