Are there any good canned refired beans?

…Because if there are, I’ve never had them. And yet, when I go to many Mexican restaurants I’ll see cans of beans behind the counter and they’re very, very good in the food I order. There’s an area of my city with a huge amount of Mexican markets, and I’ve tried just about every brand of canned refried beans I’ve found, but nothing special. So, is it in the preparation? Or are there some really good brands of canned frijoles refritos that I should know about? And for the love of God, please don’t mention anything you can find in the typical supermarket aisle - in my experience, it’s all crap.

No. Make your own. It’s not that hard.

I do make my own. But there are some I’ve had from restaurants that I’d like to be able to buy.

Refried? I haven’t found any that compare to what you get in a good Mexican restaurant.

Did you try putting some cumin powder in the beans when you heat them up out of the can? You can experiment with other spices, but cumin is a must.

I like the brand that has the cute bear on it; maybe it’s called Bearitos? It tastes very ungreasy, and is vegetarian. I think they make a spicy version too which has a nice kick.

Add onion powder, water, garlic, and black pepper. All liberally. Salsa verde too if that’s your thing.

It’s concievable that they add lard. I am not a very… sensitive eater - I’m easy to please. And canned reFRIED beans at home can compare with those at a restaurant, at least for me.


Only two:


And not in a can, but my favorite “fast” frijoles refritos, Mexicali Rose:

That said, I agree with the others who have noted that they’re so easy to make, you might as well make them yourself. Even if you only have time to open a can, make that a can of Bush’s black beans and mush and fry them up in a skillet with oil (or lard, for the pure of heart), onion and/or garlic, and chile.

Thanks, all.

What about using bacon grease instead of oil or lard? Would that “kick it up a notch” or sent it straight to hell?

Can I get a recipe for refried beans? I, too, love restaurant-style beans. I tried to make them once and ended up with horrible, horrible pork-flavored mush.

At suitable times I would quote an old Cheech Marin line: “Gotta stop eating those Rosarita refries.” A few years back they started appearing on local grocery shelves and Mrs. FtG now buys them under the mistaken impression that I like them. (Not getting understanding the purpose of the line.) As a Proper Husband I can’t point out her error and so I’m stuck with them for life.

Definitely the notch! :9

Actually, I have had some pretty good ones from Trader Joe’s. You might try there.

La Victoria has a good line of products. Old school Migrante.

You know, after much thought, I’m going to have to go with “straight to hell”. Bacon grease is good and all, and certainly makes for some fine-tasting fried eggs, but I like my refried beans to taste like… beans.