Are there any movies worth seeing that aren't on Netflix (streaming or DVD)?

I’m a Netflix junkie, and have both streaming and DVD service with them. I’ve watched zillions of movies & shows and am starting to feel like I’ve already seen most of the truly good / noteworthy stuff. Is there anything out there that can’t be found on Netflix that is actually worth seeking out?

The few movies I knew of that weren’t on DVD in the 2000’s now seem to be on DVD. One is already in my queue and I didn’t even know!

You should start looking through Google results for “best movies not on DVD”

I know this because i looked recently:

A few films by the British film-maker Ken Loach aren’t available on Netflix. Most are there, but Riff Raff and My Name is Joe are absent.

American director John Sayles, whose politics are similar to Loach’s, also has a few of his movies that aren’t available on Netflix, including City of Hope and Matewan.

Well, a lot of UK television programmes and movies haven’t been released on Region 1 DVDs so they wouldn’t be available via Netflix. (I suggested to them that they add non-Region 1 titles to their inventory but sadly they have not done so.)

I don’t subscribe to Netflix, but am willing to bet I could come up with three dozen movies quite easily that fits the OP’s criteria.

Of course, they’d likely be older, silent, foreign, non-fiction and/or otherwise obscure, so maybe that’s not his cup of tea…

Netflix Canada is barely worth the price. There are hundreds of movies that aren’t available on Netflix up here - the first Airplane, the first Iron Man, Junior, etc., etc. I have completely lost track of what they don’t have…

On a quick hop around, I apparently can’t get SLEUTH, with Laurence Olivier and Michael Caine (or, for that matter, DEATHTRAP); or HEAVEN CAN WAIT, with Warren Beatty (or, for that matter, THE PARALLAX VIEW); or LOVE WITH THE PROPER STRANGER, with Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen; or THE SHOOTIST, with John Wayne; or LENNY, with Dustin Hoffman; or NO WAY OUT, with Kevin Costner; or THE OFFENCE, with Sean Connery; or LOOKING FOR MR GOODBAR, with Diane Keaton.

There are still a lot of great (or at least interesting) movies that haven’t been released on DVD;

The Addiction
The Beast with Five Fingers
Citizen’s Band
The Decline of Western Civilization (all three movies)
The Devils
From the Earth to the Moon
Get Crazy
The Krays
Looking For Mr. Goodbar
Love With The Proper Stranger
The Man in the Iron Mask
Massacre at Central High
A New Leaf
Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins
Strip Search
20th Century Oz
A Thousand Clowns
The Wild Life

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