Are there any commercially available US DVD's that Netflix doesn't carry?

No real reason for the question, just curious- thanks.

Yes, of course. I have a variety on my wanted list.

For example, once, I started watching an anime series and couldn’t get the next disk; I wrote in to Netflix, and they responded, saying that the disk was poorly manufactured and was getting too frequently damaged, so they weren’t going to carry it anymore.

For the record, here’s what they sent me.

They don’t have the Discovery Channel DVDs, otherwise I’d cancel my cable. If I could get Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs through them, I’d be set.

Presumably the many, many, many porn titles aren’t in their catalogue.

Well, there’s a little good news here. It looks like Netflix will be carying the four disk “Mythbusters: Collection 1” (out on the 22nd) and currently have “MythBusters: Mega Movie Myths”. Nothing on Dirty Jobs yet though.

They do have a couple titles that are basically softcore gay porn.

As I mentioned in this thread, they seem to have a problem with the second season of Doctor Who (The new version.) I don’t know if this is a problem for rental outlets in general, or Netflix in particular.

Last time I checked, they didn’t have the UK version of Queer As Folk. I’m pretty sure there was a US DVD release, so I wonder why not. They have the American version, but no UK.

They don’t have “Stop Making Sense” It’s been on my waiting list for years now.

I’m annoyed that you can get seasons 2 and 3 of Strangers with Candy from Netflix, but not season 1. They have a listing for it, but it’s not currently available from them.

Apparently the Weinstein Company made a deal with [del]Lackluster[/del] Blockbuster Video so that the sequel to Hoodwinked will not be available through Netflix.

Last time I checked they didn’t have Jaded with Carla Gugino.

Also on my waiting list, but I am fairly sure that once upon a time, it was available, but is one of the “out of print” discs that eventually falls out of availability because of damaged discs and no way to renew the supply.

There are many titles absent from the Netflix inventory. When I was a member, I noticed they didn’t have the Criterion disc of the Dietrich/von Sternberg masterpiece, The Scarlet Empress. There were others, but that’s the only one that comes to mind.

They don’t have the made-for-TV movie of The Dollmaker (my favorite book of all time) with Jane Fonda, or The Woman in Black, from Susan Hill’s book.

Netflix has never come close to living up to its claim; they don’t carry a number of mainstream American classic films, e.g. the non-defective version of El Cid, the Paul Robeson version of King Solomon’s Mines, or any version of Quentin Durward, all of which are, or were, available. (King Solomon has gone online-only since I rented it from Blockbuster.)

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I’ve made a point to watch all Top 250 Movies from IMDb. Netflix has them all, save Sleuth(1972).

What claim?

Yes. They had the first two seasons of the BBC series Lark Rise to Candleford, but not the third, which I bought and watched but haven’t gotten around to selling yet, if anyone is interested.