Are there any other cable news junkies? A survey for the addicted.

How many hours a day would you say you watched on average?

Do you watch pundits who are of your political identity or do you watch other sides as well?

How do you rate the major networks in entertainment value and journalistic integrity?

What is your favorite prime time pundit show? Least favorite?

Do you suffer withdrawal on the weekends like I do?

And anything else you would like to add, I need to know I’m not alone!

I watch CNN a bit. Wolf Blitzer had the world at his hands and sold it so cheaply. I watch CNBC for stocks and financial report. Horribly slanted but Erin Burnette is fun to watch and asks very good questions.
I watch CSPAN 1 and 2 for real time house and senate goings on.
I try to watch FOX news but I can not tell when they are kidding.
I watch WTVS Lehrer news every night. They are definitely the most informative and fair. They provide experts of equal stature from conservative and liberal sides at the same time.
I catch Democracy Now with Amy Goodman. They cover the news that regular stations avoid.