Are there any other SDMB 'Movembrists' out there?

I got talked into participating in ‘Movember’ this year, and as I scratch my lip, I find myself wondering - are any of my SDMB friends growing a moustache this year? This is as amusing a place as any to show photos of your new facial hair.

I’m a proud member of the Canadian Opera Company Team.

No sweat if you don’t feel like revealing your real life name; there are other ways of sharing the pictures…

Some are, yes. I pretty much always have one and a Gagne variant was added a couple years ago.

My picture on Arnold’s site was taken around the time of the memorial service for Mom and she always preferred me clean-shaven. They just started growing back in the photo.

“What? Nobody shaves during the playoffs…”

My wife has seen pictures of me without a moustache. I have been instructed to never shave it again. (I did shave it once, though - a couple days after leaving home port on a six-month deployment…)

This is a load off my shoulders. I haven’t shaved in four or five days now. Now I can pretend I’m part of a movement rather than just lazy.

I don’t know if this really counts, but I was one of the MoSistas taking place in the local MoRun last week.

Embarrassing pic (with obligatory cat ears) at:

Remember, guys: Molestember starts on 12/1, so remember to shave that puppy off.

We’re doing it as a group at work - luckily, 90% of our job is phone-based so we don’t have to worry about looking goofy :slight_smile:

No. When it first became popular I was in college and often already had a full beard because I was in plays. Now that I’m no longer in college, I prefer myself cleanshaven and not facially beholden to anyone. As far as awareness goes, it seems like most people consider it a month long “Change your fb pic to a pokemon to raise awareness for child abuse”. I would rather just donate money to a health organization and not grow a mustache.

Sadly, my copy of Douglas Adams ‘The Salmon of Doubt’ has gone to live at a friend’s house indefinitely, so you’ll have to put up with me quoting him from memory…

“People are strangely more willing to give money to a good cause if you’re prepared to do something silly…”

And if people are using it as a real health initiative, that’s great, and I totally support that! I just saw a lot of people grow mustaches for November, shave them off, and pat themselves on the back for a job well done which soured me a little bit.