Are there any prominent news portals with article comment sections anymore?

MSN used to have them. Gone now. Yahoo just got rid of theirs. Are there any more left that don’t have an obvious bent?

The NYT does. Very user friendly. A corona newsletter sign up is free. An introductory subscription to the entire news feed I find to be quite affordable if that appeals (like 99 cents per week).

Fox News does but I don’t know why they keep it going. Every single comment is like our Pit forum. Very seldom does an article get more than two comments before it dissolves into Dem vs Trump.

Their days are numbered in many places.

They were originally to drive engagement, now they’re increasingly viewed as a tarnishing the brand. And nobody’s going to want to spend a penny anymore to moderate them, which carries its own implications.

The Washington Post has comments.

The New York Times only allows comments on some articles, not all. And all comments are vetted before they are posted (although I think there are frequent commentators who can post without having their post vetted). And they usually close the comments for an article after a few days.

(BTW, the OP and title referred to news portals, so I don’t know if they meant news sites like the NYT or the Washington Post.)

Thank you for clueing me in. The NYT does vet comments but they have posted several of mine and I’m fairly opinionated (I know, what a surprise). I agree, I have never figured out their rhyme or reason for which articles one can comment on.

Thank you also for clarifying about the news portals vs. news sites. I’m ancient and technologically deficient so I hadn’t caught that distinction.

Again, thank you, it has been a pleasure.

Yahoo comment sections were a complete cesspool that more often than not made me angry…

…and I miss them for some reason.