Are there any school districts in the US that have Columbus Day off?

Columbus Day is coming up and I’ve noticed some references in articles on the net to schoolchildren having no classes on that day. This is something I’m not familiar with. When I was going to school, I always found Columbus Day to be an annoying tease of a holiday. The post office was closed, the libraries were closed, banks were closed; but where I went to school (California and the state of Washington), schools remained open. In terms of getting the maximum number of days off from school, was I short-changed? Did any of the Dopers here have Columbus Day off? Where in the U.S. are schools closed at that day?

Judging from the traffic heading north early this afternoon, Illinois kids won’t be in school on Monday.

Back when I was a young’un, the Cleveland public schools (and many of the private ones as well) had Columbus Day off. My (Catholic) high school originally had it off, but that day off was changed by popular demand to St. Patrick’s Day.

You better believe that the New York City schools are closed for Columbus Day!

Kids in at the very least Hoboken, NJ won’t have school either. I also won’t have work, and my college in Newark is also closed. YAY!

Go C.C. you, European slave trading, SOB!

They’re out in Boston, too. When I was going to high school in Columbus itself, we didn’t have Columbus Day off, though.

Of course, the city of Berkeley, California celebrates it as “Indigenous People’s Day”.

The Round Rock (Texas) ISD isn’t having classes on Monday, but the staff (including the English-teachin’ cavewoman) have meetings and such.

You’d think teachers would want the day after St. Patty’s Day…

Philadelphia public schools have off.

I don’t remember Albuquerque public schools giving Columbus Day off. They had gone to a two-day fall break (started when I was in high school) which appear to sometimes include Columbus Day, but I think the real purpose was to give some time off for the balloon fiesta. Now, I swear that when it started it was the Thursday and Friday of the first full week of October, but I don’t have a calendar from five or six years ago and I can’t find one archived.

Scranton School District checking in.

No school.

And in Illinois you get Polaski day off too :cool: You remember him, don’t you? Casimir??? Anybody else get that day off?

I’ve always thought of it as a Yankee thing. South Carolina schools are definately open (and I can assure you, so are the libraries.) Mostly here we buy mattresses on Columbus Day.

My kids will be in school, but apparently it’s a bank holiday and all the military and GS types on the base where I work have it as a holiday.

Oddly enough, Columbus (Ohio) Public Schools don’t get it off.

There’s a replica of the Santa Maria in Columbus.

Upstate New York, school’s out.

Nitpick, it’s Pulaski.

It is a “non-instructional day” in the Natomas Unified School District. The kids get the day off, but teachers are in-service.

Most, if not all, of the districts in Connecticut closed on Columbus Day. I was a little thrown off when I moved to North Carolina and we had to go to school on that day. I felt so cheated!

My kids had it off when we lived in NJ, as did I.

I can’t remember if they had off in central Pennsylvania.

They don’t have it off here, a little less than an hour north of San Francisco, CA.