Are there any (useful) things I can learn by podcast?

I have two hours of commuting five days a week. I currently spend that time listening to news and history podcasts. Not exactly a waste because it keeps me entertained and informed, but also not very useful.

Does anybody know any podcasts or (preferably free) audiobooks that actually teach usable skills? I DO retain heard information well, for what that’s worth.

I’m wording this as broadly as possible intentionally; I’m open to any sort of suggestion as long as it’s 1) audio-only and 2) teaches an actual skill.

Learning a language comes to mind, and that can be free if you get the audio from the library.

I have a Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate which allows you to get continuing education units by listening to free podcasts. I suspect you could take some of a prep course for the test that way as well.