Are there better arch supports than Spenco brand?

I have flat feet. Also, for reasons a podiatrist couldn’t figure out, I can’t stand very long without my feet, then eventually my legs and then back, hurting.

I was recommended Spenco brand arch supports, and other people I’ve mentioned it to, including another podiatrist, swear by them. They seem to do a fairly decent job, but I’m just curious if anybody has used any other brand that they feel is better.

I use “Powerstep Pinnacle” arch supports. They are incredibly comfortable and do the job nicely.

Most shoe stores should have them, but if they don’t you can order them from Amazon.

I use Profeet. They are sold in various places but REI has a good selection. They work well but they really are the only ones I’ve tried.

My coffee hadn’t kicked in yet. I meant Superfeet above; I use the green one.

I use Powerstep as well.

I use Spencos. I’ve tried other brands and I prefer the Spenco.

'Nother vote for Powerstep. They have replaced my $300 custom molded foot orthotics as being just as effective for me at 1/10th the price.

A lot of votes for Powerstep. OK, when I get some money I’ll give them a try. Thanks.