Are there bugs that live in our ears?

If I understand correctly, we all have demodex mites in our eyelashes. Is there some kind (or kinds) of critters that routinely live in our ears as well?

Interesting. I get no google hits from “cerumenovore” or “cerumenophage”.

I get some disgusting hits from “ear wax eaters” and “cerumenophagy” but nothing related to the topic at hand.

Yup. Demodex mites have caused at least one case of pruritis.

Though they are not routinely found in the ear canals.

A doctor Fadeau wrote a story about a woman who had a flea in her ear.

I got mine on Ceti Alpha V.

Don’t demodex mites live pretty much everywhere you have hair? Especially when you get older.
So old people with ear hair = mites. :stuck_out_tongue:

And if they don’t have ear hair, they get earwigs. :smiley:

I saw what you did there.

Except it’s Feydeau, not Fadeau. (I just saw the play in DC, and it was hilarious.)

In Finnegans Wake, by James Joyce, the nominal chief male character sometimes is known as Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker, and a particular kind of bug–the earwig–is constantly invoked, sometimes at great length, even so far as the character’s physiognomy. I don’t know the stuff offhand, but a great summary of all sorts of ear bugs is in John Bishop’s Joyce’s Book of the Dark.

I remember reading an article in Harper’s about a vet who gave himself ear mites–the kind that drive cats or dogs crazy–to see what it was like. He said it was no wonder the animals hate it so, it’s absolute torment with constant loud scratching sounds in your ears. So have mercy on your animals with ear mites and get them treatment right away.