Are there conspiracy theories outside the U.S. similar in popularity to QAnon?

Canada certainly has conspiracy theorists of all sorts: anti-vaxxers, antisemites, climate change deniers, etc., but they are individuals. There is just nothing like Q-Anon here (although there are individuals who also follow Q-Anon).

I guess it depends on how you define “equivalent” but, as the articles on Poland and Hungary above (which I have personal experience with – my parents are both Polish; Budapest is my “second home”) describe, there are some very mainstream conspiracy theories in those countries. Maybe it’s not of the pedophilic cannibal type (and the QAnon people I’ve run into don’t literally believe in that part of the QAnon conspiracy), but more of the Zionists/George Soros is trying to smuggle immigrants over the border and dilute the local culture, and shit like that. I mean, fuck, read some of that Polish article linked to before. It is fucking bonkers.

As foreign minister Witold Waszczykowski told the German tabloid Bild, his government “only wants to cure our country of a few illnesses”, such as: “a new mixture of cultures and races, a world made up of cyclists and vegetarians, who only use renewable energy and who battle all signs of religion … What moves most Poles [is] tradition, historical awareness, love of country, faith in God and normal family life between a woman and a man.”

Jesus fucking Christ. I know a good portion of our country thinks something like that, but even as blatant as Trump has been, I don’t remember anything quite that naked.

…and everywhere else!

But that’s not conspiracy thinking. It is a warped belief system, not the same thing at all. E.g., there are cyclists and vegetarians; if you have immigration, you will mix cultures and races; there are probably more atheists (at least admitted ones) than before. A conspiracy theory would claim that atheists eat the children of believers or something like that.

Well the conspiracy that is implied in that statement is that there are outside forces trying to ram this down Poles’ throats. It’s not explicit in that statement but the implication (if you follow Polish poltics or society) is that it’s a Bolshevik/Zionist/liberal conspiracy.

Like this guy here:

I mean, who do you think is driving these hordes to dilute the Polish bloodlines? It’s not just something that is happening of its own accord – there must be secret machinations behind it, right?

^Note, not how I think, but how many, including some family members and friends, think.

Read this study here:

That is a survey from May 2020. 73% of Poles believe that “seemingly accidental situations, such as economic crises, are in fact carefully planned.” 57% of the supporters of the ruling coalition believe the coronavirus was designed as a biological weapon in order to decrease the world’s population of elderly people. Even with supporters of the opposition, 34% believe that.

are they popular in areas without an abrahamic faith? what about East Asia or South Asia?

Also I alway hoped that anti semitism had gone down in Christian nations but I get the impression there is a resurgence.

Here’s the Wikipedia article about anti-Semitism around the world:

If you put “how common is antisemitism in each country in the world?” into Google, the first entry returned is a guide to antisemitism in each country in the world. I tried putting a link to that entry in this post. For some reason this system wouldn’t let me do it.

Here’s a link for you. (It won’t generate a preview so you gotta click on this text.)

Gotta be Soros’ fault.

As far as other countries’ conspiracies the Chinese government is promoting the idea that covid 19 was a US bioweapon.

There is a small but active group of QAnon believers in Japan. From my understanding of Japanese politics, the institutional barriers for such folks to enter into serious electoral politics, as is happening in the US, are really high, but there’re always extra-legal (violent) avenues to pursue…

The components of QArmyJapanFlynn are too numerous to list but include: the eponymous idolization of Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security advisor; the suspicion that the Japanese government was infiltrated by ethnic Koreans; the claim that the imperial family was replaced by body doubles; and the assertion that both the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the Fukushima disaster were elaborate cover-up operations.

There’s been considerable intersection between QAnon cultists and antivax conspiracy-mongers, sometimes to the point of overt embracing by antivaxers of QAnon. This article in Rolling Stone* describes how one prominent antivaccine advocate, Larry Cook embraced QAnon:

It’s hard to say how many antivaxers are enthusiastic QAnon supporters, but others besides Cook have been playing footsie with the far right, including RFK Jr. and Ty and Charlene Bollinger. Come to think of it, hardcore antivaxers are notoriously willing to partner with anyone sharing their demented views, which is why they’ve eagerly embraced people like Louis Farrakhan**.

How would you fill out this questionnaire from the Rolling Stone article? (see the link for the supposed significance of your answers):

  • Would you rather: Stab a photograph of your family five times with a sharp knife? Or stick your hand in a bowl of live cockroaches?
  • Would you rather: Sleep in laundered pajamas once worn by Charles Manson? Or pick a nickel off the ground and put it in your mouth?
  • Would you rather: Grind your heels into an unmarked grave? Or stand in line for three hours at the DMV?

*the Rolling Stone articles soft-pedals the magazine’s culpability in launching a major antivax conspiracy theory - RFK Jr.'s “Deadly Immunity” article in 2005 which postulated a government conspiracy to cover up alleged hazards from thimerosal preservative in vaccines, co-published by Rolling Stone and Salon. Salon wound up retracting the article; Rolling Stone to my knowledge never did, but eventually it quietly disappeared the article from its website.
**Farrakhan has called coronavirus vaccination the White Man’s “Death Plan”.

Correction: thiomersal


About that time, MAD Magazine ran an article of silly nursery-rhyme parodies. One of them:

Ha ha! I actually remember that one!

Thimerosal is a widely accepted spelling, particularly in the U.S (and even cited in your link).

Ignorance fought!