What happens to QAnon after the non-apocalypse?

Assuming Trump is eased out of office without ever making a mass arrest of the deep-state Satanic pedophile conspiracy, will the followers lose the faith?

Naw, they’ll just come up with new conspiracies.

They will say that Trump’s ousting prevented the mass arrest/crackdown from happening; that the nation’s savior tried his best to defeat the evil deep state but just couldn’t; one man against many.

AFAIK I don’t know of any conspiracy theory that ever really ended. All contradictory evidence is construed as proof that the coverup goes higher than we thought. By the time you’ve heard of a CT, it’s already formed a robust immune response to all the obvious contradictory information.

Ignorance is always busy.

They’ll become anti-vaxxers. No new member fee required.

I imagine this would peter out. I compare this to sovereign citizens. While that movement will never go away, specific leaders lose credibility when they’re defeated too many times in court. Of course, then someone else comes up with a “new idea”.

Let’s come up with a “new idea,” then: The all-pervading deep-state Satanopedo ring is real, but it’s controlled by the likes of the Kochs and Scaifes! And the only way to fight them is to capture the demon-possessed Business Roundtable CEOs and give them holy-water enemas!

N.B.: LSD counts as “holy” for these purposes.

One of the largest websites promoting QAnon conspiracy theories has shut down after reports identified its operator as a New Jersey man.

I consider this a slight to Florida. Crazy shit like that should be left to Florida Man, dammit!

BTW, holy water, LSD – neither really works without the other. Try it yourself. You’ll see the demons come out, all right!

It will go the way of all CTs. It will never go away completely, but will become part of the general background noise of Conspiracy Theories that permeate the CTshpere. Just like 9/11 Trutherism has done. Between about 2006-2010, it was the main CT being promoted by the major CT proponents, but as it became clear they were never going to succeed in “proving” there was an inside job, it gradually quieted down. You still see occasional 9/11 posts, but it’s not the main thing.

Just as, during the 9/11 Truther debates, you’d hear things like, “You don’t believe that Building 7 was “pulled”? I guess you still believe Oswald acted alone! HaHA!”, soon we’ll be hearing, “So, you don’t believe President Biden did Thing X? I guess you still believe that pizza place was just a restaurant!”

CTs never go away. They just become assumed truth, used to support the latest nonsense without any proof or effort.

The very first “q drop” was a very specific prediction that was completely wrong. It has never been about truth or evidence.

They’ll say that Trump did not really lost the election but it is pretending to, in order to draw out the guilty or something like that.
The real president is going to take the reins of power soon and send all of them dirty libs to prison any day now, as you they can prove by decoding the last Q-Anon twits.
Aaaany day now.

The exact same thing will happen as it did after Jade Helm invasion turned out to be bullshit, the whack jobs move on to the next fictional conspiracy theory and congratulate themselves that their exposure of the conspiracy theory is what stopped it. Whack jobs stay whacked.

All News Pipeline[50] broke Jade Helm to the world on March 13, 2015, five days before conspiracy theorist and radio host Alex Jones, who began spreading the conspiracy theory on March 19, 2015, by saying on his radio program and on his website that the federal government was preparing to invade Texas.[51] “They’re going to practice breaking into things and stuff. This is going to be hellish,” Jones said. “Now this is just a cover for deploying the military on the streets … This is an invasion … in preparation for the financial collapse and maybe even Obama not leaving office.”[51]

The gullible idiots might move on to something new. However, I believe Q-maganuts will continue on with their campaign against the cannibalistic kiddie molesters. They will eventually crack the deep state wide open!

“Q” has already made a number of huge predictions that never happened. There have been several dates upon which the whole thing was supposed to blow up with hundreds of arrests of Democratic leaders and celebrities, in some cases personally arrested by Trump himself.

Those dates came and went without incident, and yet the QAnon droolers believe it all even more.

QAnon is like potato chips: There’s no nourishment there so as soon as you eat one you want another.

The audience is not so much believing these things are actually factually going to happen next week / month / whenever as they’re just enjoying the endorphin rush of being told to be outraged about Them.

Who knew outrage could be so ecstatic?

IMO it really is no deeper than that. After enough years of listening to outrage propaganda, being triggered to outrage feels good. For the rest of us, the feeling of outrage sucks and is to be avoided.

Yet another gulf of comprehension between people who haven’t been brain-sucked and people who have.