Massive amount of "Sealed Indictments" -- What is up with this?

Over the last few weeks, I have overheard several conversations while out at lunch regarding this topic – evidently there are massive numbers of “sealed indictments” ready to be delivered to various government officials, CEOs, etc., that will lead to long prison sentences for the people involved. It all sounds like “conspiracy-theory” stuff to me. Has anybody else heard of this phenomenon?

No, I haven’t heard anything about massive numbers of sealed indictments. Sounds like conspiracy theory stuff through and through to me.

Sounds like you’ve run into a QAnon believer. Short version; the world is run by a cabal of Satanic pedophiles and Donald Trump is only pretending that Robert Mueller is investigating him so he can secretly wage was against them.

Oh, golly! I just looked at your link about “QAnon” – wow, that’s batshit insane! Vaguely entertaining, but also scary and disturbing.

The funny thing is, some of these people that I’ve recently overheard didn’t really sound like they were big fans of the Trumpster, either.
It seemed to me that they thought most of our government officials, Demoncrats and Repuglicans alike, were all about to be ousted.

Holy crap, this stuff gets pretty goldang’d weird :

These people are truly nuts! Comparable to David Icke of the “Alien Reptilian Overlords” meme.

It just goes to show you – some people live in their own version of (un)reality! Wow!

Still recommend this podcast, if you have time. The tweet they discuss is still screenshoted at the top here.

Yes, Roseanne Barr was part of it, and that is why she posted what she did. She believed it, and so followers think she was signalling something.