Weird pedo distraction

I’ve noticed a possible trend on Facebook lately. There seems to be this explicitly conservative push about child molestation and pedophilia, getting parents really riled up about it. Nothing has changed–it’s all just info we all already knew.

I can’t help but think it’s just an attempt at distraction from their push to send kids back to school, which is far more dangerous to them right now. Pedophilia was the one thing that took down Milo Yiannopoulos. It’s a reliable way to get conservatives upset.

So my questions are as follows: Have you seen such a trend, or it is just my particular Facebook friends? And how have you or would you go about dealing with this while not alienating them, which will result in them just ignoring you?

And, assuming this is a widespread conservative political tactic, what would be the best political strategy to counter it on a wider scale?

Seen a bit of calling Biden a pedo.

I’ve seen it in the form of pizzagat/ Podesto where any person of celebrity or political background who was found dead either by suicide or “mysterious circumstances” are the victims of knowing too much about the deep state pedo ring. It includes an evergrowing list of dead people who are suspected of having information or have particiated or are being blackmailed by the pedo ring. My inlaw in Texas posts these CT’s. SOmeone replied to her post with “I saw a Podesto looking man on YOutube who was doing creepy things to a little kid, and it went downhill fromthere” I had to reply I hope you reported it to the police and to YT. Then I asked them have they heard about the secret celebrity iluminati who shapeshift into reptilian pedos? smdh

Like when Alabama came within a whisker of electing alleged pedophile Roy Moore to the senate?

There are plenty of photos of Biden being a creep towards children.

Between this, challenging mail-in voting and Kanye West, it all stinks of Trump’s flop sweat and GOP desperation.

It’s from the bleed-over from Q-anon conspiracy theory nutbags into the Republican party. There is a lot of Venn diagram overlap between the two.

What I’ve seen, outside of Epstein and Biden type stuff, is a lot of people suggesting that there’s going to be an increase in sex trafficking because of masks. The theory being that with everyone wearing them, if someone snatches your kid, no one is going to get a good look at them, also, with kids wearing masks it’s less likely for people to notice something is wrong.

Personally, I think it’s just a last ditch effort for the right to try to get people to stop wearing them. At best, no one listens to them. At worse, you’re giving traffickers ideas.

While I don’t pay any attention to FB, a friend who does just commented to me exactly what you said - “There seems to be this explicitly conservative push about child molestation and pedophilia.” So unless you and my friend’s particular FB friends are the same, then no, it’s not just you.

I can’t effectively answer your second question because of my lack of interaction with FB, but I have a feeling I’d be ignoring them before they could ignore me.

Yep. I just read an article about the “coded“ language they look for in news stories. Someone did an analysis of shared Facebook stories and Q accounts. I’ll post it if I can find it.

I’ve encountered a considerable number of “secret liberal world child sex trafficking ring” memes or posts by conservatives on Facebook, too. So the OP is definitely not imagining it; it’s a real trend.

I think it’s a combination of 1) desperation and 2) an attempt to go nuclear.

  1. Conservatives/Republicans know, deep down, that they’re in huge trouble in this election, that Trump and many key Republican candidates are headed for heavy defeat this upcoming November. So there is a desperation to turn things around.

  2. To turn things around, the only thing they can do is go nuclear. And child sex crimes are generally regarded as the most heinous thing a person can do. As a result, it’s not surprising that some people would try to invoke such false accusations as a way of scoring political or social points in a hurry. It doesn’t get any more “nuclear” than that; if being a child sex predator is the worst thing a person can be, then of course you should smear your political opponents as such; so goes the thinking. It’s also the reason Elon Musk falsely accused a British diver of being a “pedo” during the Thailand cave rescue two years ago (simply because of a disagreement over how best to rescue the trapped boys); because Musk knew that this was a way to score points and defame someone.

Out of curiosity, when I kiss or hug my son, my little nephew, or my close friend’s cute little daughter, am I “being a creep towards children”?

Yesterday I booted an acquaintance off my friends list because she’d made a post listing things like the “suicides” of celebrities who were “making documentaries” about elite pedophile rings. I posted debunkings and she said that for her part she believed these ideas were true.

It is seriously shocking how many people are so gullible.

I think the pedophilia focus helps the Republican narrative in several unrelated ways.

  1. Immigration dogwhistle. Once upon a time, “terrorism” was a magic word that laundered all kinds of bad policy. Now Republicans are trying to paint immigration as being a human-trafficking flashpoint so they can ban and abuse immigrants.

  2. Imminent Epstein drop. It seems increasingly inevitable that Trump and likely other Republicans are going to be named in court as customers of Epstein’s private sex island, so right now they’re trying really hard to look like the anti-pedophilia party.

  3. Trans dogwhistle. Republicans use pedophilia as a dog-whistle for opposing trans equality in bathrooms and other areas. I don’t think it explains any recent uptick in pedophilia-related chatter, it’s just a pot to keep boiling for ready use.

  4. They are fluent and familiar with the language and concepts of sex-shaming because many Republicans have some kind of sexual secret in the closet and are trying to misdirect attention elsewhere.

  5. QAnon dogwhistle

Someday we’re going to learn Lindsey Graham is gay, and it will be really sad to reflect how he cravenly debased himself before the most garbage person in the world just because he’s afraid to admit he’s a gay man… even a boring vanilla one.

One of my high school friends who shares a FB account with her husband (think “BobAndJane Smith” as the name) posted something last week that was a repost of something about Mel Gibson going on The Graham Norton Show and admitting that Hollywood is nothing but a pedophile ring. I replied and let them know that the contents of the post had been debunked, and Gibson hadn’t been on Graham Norton since 2017 (it even says in the post that it was an interview for the movie Daddy’s Home 2) and warned about sharing fake news.

I got “blasted” by someone who told me that it’s all absolutely true and then some shit about pizza parlors and Hillary Clinton. I think that reply also damned the Clintons for working in Haiti with Ohio’s Governor Mike DeWine (true) and they’re all pedophiles (not true) but I could be mixing up angry encounters about pedophiles. She went around with me for a few posts and told me to look it up, it’s all over. I told her (the responder, not my childhood friend) that I just didn’t have the same great research skills she did and it would be helpful to the children if she would give me info so we could combat this together but she never got back to me with sources.

Friend never took the post down, but Facebook did flag it as false. I’m guessing if it was reposted by my friend (or her husband) that it was being pushed by someone. Every time I see a post like that I assume my passively concerned friends aren’t seeking out these articles, the articles are coming to them.

Sounds like the Russians are at it again.

Anything that promotes hysteria is good. Anything that promotes free-floating fear and stranger-danger is even better. All those things are about maximizing the audience’s paranoia and minimizing their sense of togetherness with any other member of the public.

380 million crazed paranoids in bunkers clutching their weapons and ready to attack whatever isn’t immediate kin would be the Russian’s idea of the perfect US society. One that just melts itself into a cesspool of uselessness.

The fact the US RW party has essentially the same goal is one of the greatest ironies of the US having won the Cold War.

Interesting connecting it with QAnon, as what I’m seeing isn’t the stuff that I normally associate with that. That’s usually stuff about secret pedo rings and associating literally anyone with Epstein. That’s not what I’m seeing.

What I’m seeing is more actually correct information, just a lot of it with a whole lot of anger and outrage. What stood out to me is that there’s no new information, and not even allegations that it’s getting worse.

The first time I noticed it, it seemed almost explicitly about downplaying the dangers of COVID-19. It was a map of the US either sex trafficking or incidents of child molestation. The caption explicitly said something like “No, this isn’t a map of COVID-19 incidents, but of child molestation! Why isn’t anyone talking about this?” The map itself seems to be legit.

From there, I’ve seen more than the usual number of missing child notification, many from areas a lot further away than usual. I’ll see people posting articles about a specific child molestation incident, or some sex criminal. Not only do they seem more frequent, but the outrage level seems to be turned up to 11 when it’s usually more like a 7.

The most recent one I’ve seen, and the first one I didn’t just respond to on my own, was someone seeming to have just now discovered that NAMBLA exists, and getting really outraged about that. She even explicitly included a line about how “this isn’t political!” when the image she shared explicitly contains a #conservative hash tag. And how, if anyone supports this sort of thing, they should delete her now.

It’s just at the same level I see for the BLM/police brutality stuff or the (anti)-maskhole stuff. Those make sense–the latter is a new phenomenon, and the former is one that a lot of people are becoming newly aware of or just now realizing the full extent.

Normally I wouldn’t say much, but, being a distraction on COVID-19, I definitely feel l need to. I stayed silent in 2016, and we all know how that election went. What I’ve been saying is generally “Yeah, this is an issue, but I have to wonder why certain groups are making a big deal about this now when we’ve known about it forever, and we’ve been working on fixing it forever. I have to wonder if it’s a distraction to get parents riled up about this and not being pressured or even forced to send their kids back to school, where they are in a much more immediate threat–especially with schools not listening and enforcing the guildelines. Your kid is much, much more likely to get sick from COVID-19 than to be the victim of a pedo.”

At first I thought it was helping, as I wasn’t being unfriended or anything. But it just seems to be escalating, at least, among certain people. And I wondered if there’s anything better I could do.

I don’t consider ignoring it an option, unfortunately. That doesn’t mean I have to directly engage if that’s a bad idea, but I feel I need to do something to keep parents from being tricked, ya know? Even if it weren’t an election year, I’d want to do something.

(BTW, I’m wary of assuming the Pubs are going to be hit with a lot of Epstein connections for the same reason I’m wary of it with others. A whole lot of it seems to be just “I saw Epstein interacting with this person,” ignoring that he’s a rich guy who socialized with rich people who may not have known much about him. I only look at those with huge evidence like Maxwell, or at least images in semi-private locations with the actual sex-trafficked girls. Like what we found with Prince Andrew. Especially when QAnon thinks that someone with the last name Chandler must be Epstein’s “child handler”–because that’s how reality works…)

Here’s an interesting twitter thread on Q and Facebook:

It is a focus of theirs. Even legitimate news stories are read and shared through a different lens. Between FOX and Q Anon, we’re in a really scary place right now, and I don’t know how we get a lot of those people back without a full scale deprogramming.

I have no idea. It can be totally normal. It can be creepy. I was not there to see you be affectionate to kids.

You can not make a blanket claim that such things are a-ok or creepy merely by claiming some relationship. You have to look at each case individually.

Also, I do not think Biden had any familial relationship to any of those kids (and you can find more pics of him doing this).

Honestly, I do not think Biden is a pedo. I think he is just really weirdly creepy when it comes to this. I think he thinks he is being cool and paternal and parental and a nice guy. It comes off as super-creep though.

If I did what he did in those pictures I’d probably be arrested. At the least I would have their parents in my face and very upset.

The vids are faked, the photo ops are by parental request. Are you surprised that a parent would want a photo op of their child with a politician? You can find the exact same type of photos with JFK, Obama, Reagan, etc. Ever hear of the term “baby kissing” political tour? It is something parents do with great men.

There are photos of me with Scoop Jackson. As a very young boy I shook hands with JFK, a great moment for my Father and myself.