What happens to the QAnon movement now-- do they mutate & move the goalposts, or die out?

Democrats and Hollywood Liberals are satan-worshipping, child-eating pedophiles! trump is the savior appointed to round them all up! The storm is coming! Trust the plan!

I’m guessing it will partly die out, partly mutate. There’ve been a lot of reports, now that the Inauguration has come and gone without the arrest of Biden, of QAnon true believers in disarray. Some are questioning whether they’ve been duped.

Others are already moving the goalposts. I’ve actually read that some are claiming now that BIDEN is part of it. First trump was just pretending to hate Jeff Sessions, who was about to arrest all the Deep State Libs. Then he got fired, so it was Mueller who was secretly working with trump. Now some say it’s Biden who will rain down the storm or whatever-- trump calling him “Sleepy Joe” was a clue-- it really meant “Sleeper Agent Joe”, see? It all makes sense! Another version is that Biden is cooperating under duress to avoid his and Hunter’s arrest and execution.

It reminds me of those doomsday cults who say “the world will end on MM/DD/YYYY!”. Then that date comes and goes and they say “oops, we misinterpreted the sacred texts-- it’s actually (further date out).” Or the flat-earthers in the Netflix doc “Behind the Curve” in which they keep doing experiments to try to prove the Earth is flat, but which actually show evidence it’s round. So they come up with increasingly complex and crazy explanations why their experiment failed to show the ‘truth’.

I think they move on to less politically motivated conspiracies like flat earth and fake moon landings. It’s pretty obvious even to the true believers that QAnon was being used as tool by political conservatives and nobody wants to be a tool.

Marjorie Taylor Greene just filed articles of impeachment against Biden, so I guess they have some torchbearers left. I’m sure they can keep up a steady diet of “Biden’s a Chinese toady”, “Bill Gates is implanting everyone with vaccine chips” and other pizzagate-related nonsense.

She and Lauren Boebert are well-positioned to keep it alive and become the new torchbearers. If they lose their seats in two years and no other public supporters of QAnon pop up, we may see it die out then.

But remember - Trump getting removed from office doesn’t disprove the conspipracy. It just proves that Trump was, in the end, not the champion they thought he was. I predict that at least for the time being they’ll be looking for new champions rather than new causes.

So she claims. AFAIK, they have yet to appear in the Congressional Record.

Last thing I saw was that Trump is still running the place from behind the scenes because he doesn’t want the country to panic after finding out Biden was arrested over the weekend.
I have no idea if this is an actual Qanon belief or if a ‘regular’ person made it up as a parody.

Trump should grow a beard like Gore did after his loss. Then the crackpots would think they were somehow transported to some sort of Star Trek like mirror universe.

Yeah, wow, I hope it’s a parody. Biden and a bunch of others, Dem and Repub alike, were secretly…court martialed…? Ooohhhkay.

I do see a great bumper sticker sales opportunity for ‘SHADOWPREZ RULEZ!’.

“Mutate and move the goalposts”, all the while insisting that they were right all along and always really after whatever was the latest nefarious cabal and it was never really about Trump personally but oh how unjustly was he treated.

I mean, you could use the reply to pretty much any stance QAnon has taken. The spelling errors in trump’s tweets are actually a secret code used to convey messages to them…? Ooohhhkay

When it comes to QAnon I don’t know how one could possible tell the difference between parody and “real”. Satanic baby-eating pedophiles is real?!

Don’t forget the lizard people.

I thought I read that she was going to, but then found out it was just too much damn paperwork. :roll_eyes:

Maybe she took a page from the trump playbook and decided to just say she did it. Next it’ll be, ok, I’ll have the articles of impeachment ready just in 2 weeks…

I vote for goalpost moving in the short-term. However, these types need something to latch onto, and IMHO they will spill over into areas like the anti-vacc movement with all that “freedum!” stuff, which could make things more problematic for the rest of us.

QAnon cultists empathize with the mirror universe.

In general, few people want to invest much time, effort, or money doing anything to prop up a former president. Now that Trump is gone, there will be less dark money going into Q, and fewer people who believe it or care about it.

No doubt there will be some splinter holdout groups. There are still some 9/11 truthers, after all. But by and large, the storm has made landfall and will dissipate into smaller bands that will eventually collapse.

QAnon has to be one of the dumbest conspiracy theories ever. You could possibly see how some of the other well-known ones would come about (of course, they have all been proven completely wrong), but the QAnon stuff looks like parody from the start.

To be fair, Biden’s first day has already been plagued with scandal after scandal:

Imagine if he wore…a tan suit.


Oh boy, the Biden admin is off to a rough start already. Good thing Marjorie Taylor Greene has those articles of impeachment all drawn up.

A couple observations:

  • Wonder why the pundit guy with eyes too close together, forget his name, was talking to Mike Rowe-- the clip didn’t show Mike’s reply so I hope Mike’s not a trumpy. Say it ain’t so, Rowe!
  • Haha, somebody in the Inauguration Day Celebration thread said Biden’s 10 minute early swearing-in would lead to questions on the right of legitimacy, and they sure called it!

Sorry the proper phrase is that they were suppressed by deep state bureaucrats.