are there famous religions that are synchronious

Sikhism is a mix of Islam and Hinduism, but is there a well known religion that is a mix of Islam and Christianity? What about a mix of Taoism and Buddhism?

It’d be a little tough. The resurrection is the central belief of Christianity, and Islam doesn’t accept that. A lot of Christians would feel pretty comfortable with the social justice-oriented pillars of Islam, but I don’t think that counts.

Zen Buddhism, if I’m not mistaken.

The correct term is “syncretism,” so you want religions that are “syncretistic.”

I need to reed my dictionary

Do the Bahais count?

As I understand it, they pretty much grew out of Islam on its own, so I’d say no.

But if they do, the LDS church should probably count as well.

There are some soi-disant “Messianic Jews” out there, but I’m not sure what distinguishes them from plain ol’ “Christians.” Unless they’re Lubavitchers, of course.

Ryobu Shinto is a mixture of Shinto and Buddhism.