Are there Jack Chicks in other religions?

Inspired by this thread, are there Jack Chick-style comics/pamphlets supported by other, non-Christian religions? With equally absurd claims to be the one true religion and all others will burn in Hell (or whatever).

This is about comics and “art”, so Cafe Society is the correct forum, right?

There used to be a comic book called Treasure Chest of Fun and Fact, published by George Pflaum and distributed through Catholic elementary schools. Most of its content was kid adventure and biographies of incredibly unhip historical figures (John Philip Sousa and Eamon deValera are the two I remember). It wasn’t an attempt to scare anybody, and given its limited distribution system, I doubt many Jewish or Protestant kids ever even saw it.

I’ve never seen, for example, a Hasidic “Don’t work on Sabbath or G-d will Smite You” mini-comic. I have seen some Hare Krishna tracts, but didn’t examine them very closely.

There are Discordian and neopagan *parody *of Jack Chick tracts out there, but we’re not much on the proselytizing thing.

Here’s one, wherein a faithful Christian finds out the gods of Olympus are more real than Jesus.

There are others which are simultaneously parody and meant to *inform *if not convert. Anti-Tracts Here are a few sample pages from probably the best known - The Other People. The complete thing is not available online, it seems.

Judaism doesn’t proseletyze. But there are comics aimed at teaching Jewish kids. Some of them (the old Mendy And The Golem for example) are actually pretty good.

There’s my favorite: Who Will Be Eaten First?

I gather there’s a lot of Islamic Fundamentalist propaganda that’s similar in basic content, but the proscription against depictions raises an obvious obstacle to using the same style.

There’s been a couple of threads about this. Apparently, they’ve done a lot of children’s cartoons and Sesame Street knock-offs which are DIY suicide bomber manuals and the like.

I’m trying to figure out what’s so absurd about this belief. It doesn’t strike me as being any more absurd than “all spiritual paths are equally valid.” Sure, it might give people the warm and fuzzies but it strikes me as being a somewhat silly sentiment.