Are there many capital cities on Earth that don't have at least one Irish pub?

I know Kabul had one for a time. I Doubt Riyadh has one but what other capital cities don’t have at least one?


I am not aware of any actual Irish pubs in Panama City, Panama. We have a couple British pubs, El Pavo Real (The Peacock) and The Londoner, but nothing specifically Irish.

I assume you wouldn’t consider Bennigan’s a real Irish pub. They do, however, put on the biggest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Panama.

In Rome, my son asked me why all the bars are Irish. I couldn’t really answer without some sort of stereotyping. So I’ll say, when a city is important enough to be called a capital, they call in the experts for all kinds of things, drinking and bars are no exception. There may be capitals without Irish pubs but they’ll get no respect from me.

I have to say the Irish pubs I’ve seen around the world seem to have nailed the formula for a easy, casual place to enter and get a beer.

I think one of they guys who were arrested (and maybe tortured) by the Saudis for killing another westerner with a car-bomb owned an Irish pub in Riyadh. This story mentions it:

Doesn’t say whether he sold the place to someone else or closed it up, though.

Ah sure Bennigan’s counts as much as most of them.


I imagine most African capitals (outside of places with big expat populations like Kenya) don’t have one. I can say with some certainty that Yaounde (Cameroon) doesn’t have one. And I’m pretty sure that Bamako did not have one either.

Luxembourg-City has a few of them.

Accra has one called Ryans but you’re probably right about many African capitals.

I would be really surprised if there were a capital in Western Europe without one. Perhaps Vaduz in Liechtenstein?

Dublin, if the Simpsons are to be believed.

None in Addis Ababa as far as I can recall. Though that might have changed because when I was there (2006) a new hotel was being built by Irish investors.

Pyongyang didn’t seem to have any. Same with Kuwait City. I’m also pretty sure Victoria, Seychelles and Male, Maldives didn’t have any… none that I saw anyway. I’ll be in Khartoum next month and doubt I’ll come across one there either.

I’ve been told it’s possible to walk all the way across Dublin without passing a single pub, but it takes a very, very long time.

Through the sewers maybe.

While I can’t say I made an exhaustive search, I never heard of one in Libreville, Gabon. They would be pretty unlikely in most of francophone Africa.

Heh…it was told to me as a riddle: how do you walk across Dublin without passing a single pub?

Stop for a pint in every pub you see.

Might take a while. :slight_smile:

Thimpu, Bhutan has quite a few bars, but no Irish ones.

Well nowadays it might actually be possible, lots of pubs are closing down.