Anybody pub-crawling tonight?

My first St. Patrick’s day in Chicago, and I’m daunted by the number of Irish taverns/pubs in the greater downtown area. Did the Irish settle this place or what?

Anyway, I’m thinking about maybe hitting one or two just for the hell of it. Today (St Patrick’s) happens to be my birthday, so I feel like I should have at least some kind of celebration. I don’t really know anybody in the city except the people I work with, so can anybody here suggest a good spot to stop by?

I live in South Loop and there are two in printer’s row that I walk by a lot, I might stop there, unless somebody has a better suggestion.

Happy Birthday!

Sorry, I live in Ohio so I have no suggestions for you.

Irish were very important in Chicago history. Polish people also form another big settler minority in Chicago.

Many Chicago mayors have been of Irish ancestory. The current Mayor Daley and his father hold the first and second spots as longest servig mayor of Chicago.

I know Durkins is a popular Irish pub in Chicago. It is on Diversey by Halsted

Going to work as normal tonight, and I haven’t been invited to do anything, so no.

No pub crawl for me. I have trouble enough just staying awake past 9… (yes, I’m about to nod off.)

wierdaaron… me too! Happy Birthday to a fellow leprechaun!!

Can’t help with suggestions, but Happy Birthday! Enjoy.

Oh, and welcome to the area.

I’m in bed already.

Maybe you could lend us some. My area’s idea of an Irish Pub is to throw a "O’’ in front of their name and call it good. :frowning: