Where should we go in Boston on St. Paddy's?

Two of my best friends and I have agreed that we have GOT to do Boston on St. Patrick’s day this year. Where should we go? We’re looking for pubs with Irish music of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Why not go to “Cheers”? IIRC, it is located on the North side of the Boston Commons (public gardens). The actual name is “The Bull and Finch”, but people will know what you mean when you ask for “Cheers”… - Jinx

Try the Roisin Dubh (Black Rose), at Quincy Market. It’ll be packed, of course, but it always has an Irish band.

You recall correctly but A) it was sold, and is no longer the Bull and Finch, B) it’s been remodeled, so any resemblance to the Cheers of TV fame is gone, and C) it never was an Irish pub-style bar to begin with. I’d second Elvis’s suggestion of the Roisin Dubh, and throw in the Purple Shamrock, also in Quincy Market (assuming it is still there).

Cause it sucks.

We used to hang out in Southie on St Patricks Day. Generally, my buddy would throw a party, we’d get drunk, watch the local parades and hang out in some of the local Irish bars.

I would suggest seeing a Dropkick Murphys St. Patrick’s Day show, but all dates are sold out :frowning:

If you like Irish punk rock and can get tickets from a scalper, I recommend it.

A lot of the better places to go are not in Boston proper, but just outside (not sure how familiar you are with Boston).

Try the Burren in Somerville—it is likely to be packed with genuine Irish folk.
Or the Field in Central Square.
Or the Druid also, I think, in somerville.

These are places my Irish friends go on St Patrick’s Day, although they are quick to assure me that the Irish in Ireland sure don’t carry on like that on that day.

My Irish friends and family are always quick to point that out as well lorene. It’s us Boston Irish that use St. Paddy’s as an excuse for mayhem. I’ve had house parties for the past 10 years…but when I used to go out I wento to The Purple Shamrock and The Black Rose some years…other years I’d go to the parade in Southie and then hit the local bars. I always had alot of fun at the Eire pubs in Dorchester and Hyde Park…hell you really can’t go wrong in Boston on 3/17…we know how to do it up…c’mon up and join us! :smiley:

The Druid is in Inman Square, on the Cambridge side of it, I believe. Fairly easy walk from Central Sq or Harvard Sq as long as its not too cold. If I were to do a circuit of these 3, I’d probably start at the Druid, walk to the Field, then take the train from Central to Davis to the Burren. Or on a nice March day, start at the Field, walk to the Druid, walk to Porter Sq via Beacon (stopping off for a pint at the Thirsty Scholar) then walk from Porter to Davis and the Burren.

Most every place downtown will be packed from about 4pm onward. The earlier you’re willing/able to start the better the day will go. All the places near Faneuil Hall (Purple Shamrock, Black Rose & c) will probably be charging a cover and will have long lines after about 4 or 5. If you can get into your most coveted place earlier in the day, stay there, unless you like standing in line. At the Purple Shamrock, Black Rose, Green Dragon, etc, you’ll probably have a great time, but the Field, Burren & Driud, while just as crowded, probably won’t feel as frantic.

BTW: The Cheers bar is located on Beacon St just off the Public Garden, not the Boston Common. It has never resembled the Cheers on TV except from the outside. I understand they’ve built a Cheers in Faneuil Hall that more closely resembles the TV version, tho I have never been.

Be sure to celebrate Evacuation Day as well as St. Patrick’s Day!

I believe the Plough and Stars in Cambridge right on Mass by Central Square is an Irish Pub. Only been in it once, and I have no way of distinguishing an Irish pub from any other bar.

I’d also mention the Roisan Dubh and the Back Shamrock, both near Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market. And the Plough and Stars in Cambridge.

If I;m not mistaken, there’s a place called the Tir na Nog in Somerville that might be worth checking out.

There’s also a place in Brookline off the D-line called Matt Murphy’s that’s quite nice, but 3 things to keep in mind: 1) It’s smoke-free 2) They don’t take credit cards 3) It’s tiny and I don’t think there’s much else around it, pub-wise.

Slight hijack…anyone in Boston up for a St Patty’s Day dopefest/bar run?

I’m turning 21 on the 14th…I need a good excuse to get drunk :slight_smile:

Wow, Pammipoo, I would never have guessed you weren’t 21 yet- goes to show how hard it is to judge age online.

Unfortunately, I will be suffering through my German class until 7 PM on the 17th, and usually after that all I want to do is come home and go to sleep. Not to mention that I will be recovering from jetlag from my trip to England over spring break. So I’m afraid I can’t. Too bad, we don’t have enough Boston DopeEvents.

New hijack: Did you ever figure out where your car had been towed to and get it back?

Heh, I get that a lot…everyone thinks I’m anywhere from 24-30.

And we really should get together more often.

And yeah, I got my car back…::shudder:: What a miserable experience…I spose I should update my thread, huh?

Why not come over to my house? I’ll make a mean corned beef and cabbage, and I’ll still a Lenehan CD on the stereo for you…

Seriously, though, I’d second the recommnedation for The Burren. I actually live a few blocks away and the place has an excellent reputation for food and music.


Dooley’s, an Irish pub in the financial district.

I love the Burren! North of Boston has Kitty O’Shea’s in Beverly and Rosie O’Shea’s in Newburyport. I’ll probably be at Rosie’s as it is just a stagger or two from my home:)

You could mosey out to Jamaica Plain. Both Brendan Behan’s and St. James Gate are nice places. The latter of the two has (or had) a decent menu wither every thing from bar food to full sit-down meals.

If you’re downtown you can swing buy the Kinsale–right across from Gov’t centre, which is OK but a bit pricey (for some reason 5 dollar pints just set me off). If you’re looking for intimacy, you can’t beat the littlest. And I’ve heard there a new place in the neighbourhood called Dermots. I personally can’t comment on it but I’ve heard it’s alright.

The places out in Cambridge are nice and Southie’s the place to be for the parade.

All things being equal, I think you should start in Cambridge and drink your way down to Southie.