Are there states where something is uniquely illegal?

It limited the sorts of cocktails they would (or could) prepare. I recall wanting something like a frozen pina colada, which they couldn’t provide. Also, as noted by TroutMan, something that required just a dash of such-and-such would have been impossible.

Utah is kind of nuts about alcohol. Couple of things I encountered:

  1. You can’t be served more than one drink at a time. If your beer is low, and you go ahead and order another, the server won’t serve the next beer until the first one is empty. I said to the server “so in order to encourage moderate alcohol consumption, I’m required to chug the beer in front of me before you serve me the one in your hand?” Answer: “Yep.”
  2. Liquor by the drink isn’t really a thing in Utah, at least not without hurdles. The establishment has to define itself as a “private club” You go into a restaurant, pay $1 to become a member, and then you can order alcohol.
  3. Come to think of it, in Atlanta had the same deal with 24 hour nightclubs. Basically it’s an extra sawbuck on top of the entry charge to declare you a “member” so you can stay out past 2AM or whatever.

It’s been a number of years now but when I went to Utah, you had to be a member of a bar to drink there and you had to wait at least one day after paying your membership fee to get to drink. Your membership was good for a year or maybe for life once you paid. BUT if you were from out of town and were staying at a hotel, you could get a free one week membership at nearby bars.

In North Carolina if you purchase more than 8 liters of liquor or 50 liters fortified wine from a liquor store you must obtain a transportation permit to bring it home. Here’s a copy of the permit. It’s only good on the day of purchase, and only good until 9:30 pm on that day. Theoretically, if you need to bring the beverages to another location on a different day you’re to go to an ABC store and obtain another permit.

8 liters seem like a lot of liquor, but if you buy the 1.75 liter handles and you’re purchasing more than 4 different types it pushes you over the limit.

Can you make a purchase, take it to the car, return and make another purchase? That’s what we do in PA and it is perfectly legal.

Theoretically, no. Practically you certainly can, but the law states that:

§ 18B-400. Amounts that may be transported.
A person may transport at one time the same amount of alcoholic beverages that he is allowed
to buy under G.S. 18B-303(a). Greater amounts of fortified wine, unfortified wine and spirituous
liquor may be transported with a purchase-transportation permit under G.S. 18B-403. The
Commission may also authorize a distillery representative, in the course of his business, to
transport and possess up to 10 gallons of spirituous liquor. (1923, c. 1, s. 25; C.S., s. 3411(y); 1937,
c. 49, ss. 14, 16; c. 411; 1967, c. 222, ss. 1, 7; c. 1256, s. 3; 1969, c. 598, ss. 2, 3; c. 1018; 1971, c.
872, s. 1; 1977, c. 176, s. 1; c. 586; 1979, c. 607, s. 1; 1981, c. 412, s. 2; 1985, c. 757, s. 163.)

I don’t know the exact penalty, the statute in Brunswick County, NC states that a violation is a misdemeanor to be punished by a fine or imprisonment or both.

In Pennsylvania we can buy beer by the case from a distributor. From a bar or other seller we can by two six packs (the law tells how many ounces). But, that is per sale.

I can buy two sixes, put them in my car, then go right back in and buy two more, rinse/repeat ad nauseam. It costs more than buying by the case, but if I’ve done this on holidays when distributors were closed, making ten trips back and forth.

It reads like the law in NC is about transporting , so they only sell the max amount to you so they don’t sell more than the law allows you to transport, and you go back and buy more, but are still breaking the law.

In the PA case is the law about how much they can sell in one exchange or how much you are allowed to carry.
Given you can buy a slab the I’d guess it’s just daftness about the license laws and limits on sales to try to make it a bit less convenient to buy lots…