Are there things you always buy "one more of" even though you have plenty...

…but it’s not something you consciously collect, as in “I’m a collector of <whatever>.” I think this kind of shopping is a quest for the perfect item, the one that will ultimately satisfy requirements so that you’ll never have to buy another. But then you see or read about an improved model with a slight variation that corrects the problem you had with the last one…

For myself, it’s purses, handbags, computer bags. There’s something about a new purse or a really beautiful computer bag. A new purse is like a little stylish, portable sanctuary to carry with me. All the pockets and compartments and places to put and carry the stuff I’m convinced I have to have with me during the day are like rooms in a new house–what furniture will go here, what will go there. I don’t have an outrageous number of purses–maybe 35-40, and I do use them. After a while, I’ll retire one to the closet and bring out an old favorite. I have a new one that I bought about two weeks ago and haven’t even taken out of the bag. Although one of my cats crawled into the bag with it yesterday and spent some time there…they can’t resist a shopping bag.

When I worked, I took my laptop with me everywhere, and so was always on the lookout for a computer bag. I carried a tape measure so I could ascertain that my laptop would fit comfortably into a candidate I was looking at. I have a dozen or so really great computer bags that now languish, as my computer never leaves my desk anymore. When I see a darling new computer bag at TJMaxx or Ross, I sadly walk away. Still, if I saw one that was irresistible, I might buy it.

Another item like this for me is thermal travel mugs/bottles. And there are ZILLIONS of them out now! Yesterday at Tuesday Morning, I saw two of a new brand I had never encountered. Oh my, I coudn’t decide between them so they had to come home with Mama. This is an example of looking for the perfect one–one that keeps the beverage hot/cold for a long time, doesn’t leak, doesn’t put the rubber sealing gasket in contact with coffee that has milk in it (ewwww), fits in my car’s cupholder, easy to drink from (preferably with one hand), looks cute, etc.

What’s your shopping Holy Grail? And have you found it?

It used to be socks. I have very long legs, so knee socks never went even close to all the way up to my knee. The combo of a sock that was long enough, soft enough and fit well eluded me for most of my life. Three or four years ago I discovered Sock it to Me knee socks and angels sang.

Kitchen utensils. If I really like a serving spoon or a ladle or some such that I find, I’ll buy it - most usually secondhand industrial catering stuff.

I am the opposite - my style is denial. I abhor waste so I always buy less than I need, and keep things way past what other would consider their useful life.

This is reinforced in me as my spouse is the opposite of me, so I feel the need to make up for their excess.

I would have to say containers. I love to be organized and keep things in boxes. I am very particular about the color, style lid etc. Whenever “The Container Store” has a sale I purchase more AMAC boxes. They are my favorite and I wish they came in more and larger sizes. I frequently search the internet for the perfect container. I also found nice boxes in the $ store. Many of the boxes I have are empty:)

Ahhh. The Container Store. When I go there I come out feeling more organized even if I don’t buy anything. :slight_smile: BTW, I’ve gotten some great bags there.

I wish there was one close to me. Just like Ikea they have many items one can only purchase “in store.” I was once in one in Atlanta while on a business trip. Regrettably there was a limit to what I could bring onto the plane.:frowning:

At first I thought you were talking about the No Need To List items. Growing up, my family’s shopping list didn’t include either milk or our favorite brand of cookies. You got what was on the list, then you filled the rest of the volume our shopping cart could hold with milk and cookies, because there is no such thing as too much milk and cookies (the shopping cart you walk back home with, not the ones from the store).

Turns out you’re talking about my computer mouse habit and my less frequent but more voluminous keyboard habit. What? There’s always something that could be better in a new one!

We are not counting “stashes” of yarn, beads and fabric, right?

Package of toilet paper. You do NOT want to run out of that stuff!

@Sveltington: Depends. How many rooms do they spread around in?

T shirts. I buy them in thrift stores and garage sales and if I see one I like, I get it. What’s a dollar or two?

I have enough of them for ten lifetimes.

I wasn’t thinking of consumables that one naturally has to buy more of because you ate/used up the last supply. That’s why I said “thing” in the subject line. The computer mouse habit is kind of what I had in mind–this one might be better than my current one–gotta have it!

However, when I start a discussion thread, I’m glad for people to broaden the question so more will be moved to post. No strict rules. So stashes of yarn, beads, fabric probably qualify. I"m thinking of my quilter friend who has a closet full of quilt squares, but when she goes to quilt shows, she can’t resist adding to her stash. After all, she will never see those exact fabrics again, will she?

Lightbulb moment: maybe this plays into my Fear of Missing Out. What if there is the perfect bag, insulated cup, mouse, pair of socks out there and I MISS OUT?? :eek:

Ammo. :slight_smile:

Liquor, there’s no such thing as too much vodka.

Sorry but I have to post this picture, it’s required when the urge to buy pretty fabrics gets mentioned. That dress was born of seeing what was left of the peacock fabric in a store in Lisbon and saying “ohmyGod I’ve got no idea what will I be able to have made with that but I have to have it!”

Tools - automotive, household and woodworking. Sometimes because I need* it for something I’m working on now and sometimes 'cause someday I’ll get around to that project which requires* that tool.

*“need” and “require” are defined as any of the following:
-indispensable, must have to get the job done
-very helpful in getting the job done
-could be useful in getting some job done sometime
-made me go “Oooooh, that’s cool!”

Souvenir t-shirts. We don’t collect them just wear them and we already have way too many. But we keep buying more and more.

Books. Our “to be read” piles are huge and slowly growing. We pass 90% on once we read them but we seem to buy (and borrow from the library) faster than we consume.

There are quite a few things I cannot resist or have a hard time resisting when I see them. I feel like a crow being dazzled by a shiny object. My eyes are always drawn to these items:

Serving bowls - I love different colors, prints/designs
Drinking glasses - same as bowls
Bracelets - cheap ones (I’m not a fan of expensive jewelry…at all!)
Boots - oh my! the more buckles the better
Sandals - all kinds
Throw pillows - so many pretty designs
Purses - somewhat. I have a harder time with them because I can rarely find one that has the right amount of pockets - especially on the outside and is the right size. But I love looking!
Christmas decorations - I have more than I can use at this point.
Containers - I love going to the dollar store and buying different shapes and sizes to use in my cupboards and closets.
Boxes - yes, I have an affinity for cardboard boxes. I love a good shoe box - boot box even better! They are so handy for storing stuff. So I save them all!
Comforters - I’ve gotten better - but I used to buy a couple a year. There was always a prettier one than the one I had!
Cell phone cases - there’s always a prettier one

Paper towel
Dog chew toys
I love jars, sometimes I buy a food item because I like the jar it’s in. I have a jar of pickled veggies on the counter right now in a tall skinny jar. I don’t think I 've eaten pickled mixed veggies.
Omg, paper and notebooks, can’t get enough. I love fancy papers, like origami or gift wraps.
I am a hoarder, but I generally neat about it.
When I go to a big town I always go to Sam’s club and buy canned goods by the case.
I could go on and on, but I will stop, I don’t y’all to think bad of me;)