Are there things you always buy "one more of" even though you have plenty...

Certain non-perishable food items. I have a big food pantry in a detached building so I tend to buy certain things I know I will eventually consume. But there are limits and sometimes I don’t see them. For example, how many cans of Campbells Cream of Mushroom soup do you need? I must have 20 of them. They will get consumed, but it’ll take me another 18 months. Knowing that, will I still buy one or two more if I see a good price? Yep.

I have a similar “vice” for me it is wool socks. Love them, wont wear anything else, so when I find them on sale , I grab them. I have a tonne of them.

Soda, but that may not be for very much longer. I think the ween is actually going to happen.


If we are doing refreshments I will add tea. Every time Celestial Seasonings sends a 15% off coupon I purchase by the case from their website.

This is exactly what came to my mind first. If there’s a sale, I stock up, even if I’m stocked up.

Seeds. If I actually grew all the seeds I owned, I’d never have to buy vegetables again, and neither would anyone else on the street.

But oooh, that’s a cool looking squash!

When my MIL died she had a closet full of toilet tissue, bath soap, washing powder, and bath towels. We all went home with new bath towels and tp.
My Daddy was a dresser, when he died there was so many suits, dress shirts, jeans, jackets we called the church he attended to come get them for their charity closet, they hit the lottery on that one. I kept his dress blues, and we picked one nice suit to bury him in. He loved his clothes.

Another thing I like to do, when I catch a sale on something I really like, I buy multiples. I think it stems from watching my parents shopping for our very large family. Daddy would go about once a month to the Military base PX where he got a big discount and would buy lots and lots of food staples and paper products. I still remember a case of Prell shampoo or yellow Dial soap.

I may have been wrong about you.

Clothes and shoes and consumables. There must be variety and abundance, at all times.

USB Cables.

I went on a cleaning kick recently, and I ended up with a full banker’s box full of USB cables. Most of them the kind with the mini-usb connectors that (almost) no one uses any more.

Well, books. They are not consumables because I keep them, and since I’m over 2,000 books behind getting more is not rational.
But I’ll read them all someday. If I live long enough.

However when I have enough stuff my limiter kicks in and I don’t get more. Except for books. And good thrift store jigsaw puzzles.

Recordings of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony. I keep trying to find a version to match the one Steinberg recorded in the 1970s with the Pittsburgh Symphony (and which I can’t find anywhere). No luck yet.

Yeah, tell me about it. I think I have enough radish and bean seeds to last until the next millennium.

Silk flowers and floral supplies, including containers, greenery, etc. I have many bins of stuff, but if I see something I like, especially if I don’t think I’ll see it again, I’ll get it. I could live at Hobby Lobby.

My mother in law died about ten years ago, I’m still using up her wrapping paper and greeting card stash.

We stock up on coffee beans, even though we probably have a year’s supply and it goes on sale all the time.

Apparently I’m getting that way with Raspberry Pi boards.

Started with a 2B, then a 3B. Then picked up a couple of Pi Zeros (1.3). Then most recently a Pi Zero W (wireless). I think I’m going to do some sort of security camera-ish thing with the latter.*

MicroCenter sells the Pi boards so much lower than other places that it’s hard to resist buying another one when I go in there.

“Yeah, I’ll buy this 27” monitor … and a Pi Zero while I’m here."

  • So I gotta get a camera. :slight_smile:

Beer, coffee, box of spaghetti noodles, green cans of parmesan cheese. There’s probably others, but always those.

For my wife, it’s cars. She acknowledges she has a problem. On Dec 31/Jan 1 she picked up two 2017 Sparks and a Sonic from the local Chevrolet dealer for the kids to drive. They were under $10,000 each and she just couldn’t pass them up. The boys make the car & insurance payments so BudgetMasterMe sees a monthly wash, but the neighbors must think were rich. She’s been lovingly asking me how I’m feeling about my ride lately, it’s nearly 2 years old, wouldn’t I like an upgrade? Maybe a Kia Stinger GT? I can’t be sure, but I think I may have snarled at her just a little.

My weakness is Hershey’s syrup. Cold mocha with yesterday’s leftover coffee is my morning routine, and my day just doesn’t go right when the teens have used the last of the chocolate syrup on a round of 48oz tumblers of chocolate milk. Doesn’t matter if I know there’s 5 bottles in the pantry, when I’m at the store I just drop two into the cart because I’ve been wrong before.


I wear them on a nearly daily basis (under scrubs during the work week), but I probably don’t need any new ones since I have maybe 250 of them (I lost a bunch of weight* and my older ones in a smaller size fit again, so the t-shirt wardrobe has expanded markedly).

*Yeah, it’s stealth bragging and so what?

Electronic components. If I need one 74LS138 decoder I’m gonna buy ten.