Are there things you always buy "one more of" even though you have plenty...

Bongs and pipes. I already have far more than I can actually use, but then I see an interesting or unusual one, and I end up with another one. I probably have over fifty of the suckers by now.

Whenever Sunset magazine had a special deal, something like “get a free map of California if you buy a renewal,” my grandfather would go for it. When he passed away and the subscription transferred to my mom, she didn’t have to renew for ten or fifteen years.

For me, it’s gym bags. I find them at garage sales for a buck or two and they’re perfectly fine, so I now have a duffel bag full of gym bags. Oh, and, duffel bags.

I have difficulty passing up a good deal on:
Throw blankets
Decorative birds
Christmas ornaments

And if I had the room for them I would own many more world globes…Which I have trouble explaining to people that I don’t like because what they represent conceptually but because I like the abstract shapes they contain. When I have a home office it will contain globes.


If I find a pair or jeans that are just perfect I’ll buy whatever’s on the shelf. Ditto If it’s a somewhat unique item, I have a pair of waterproof Timberland Chukka boots online and loved so much that I went back and bought the last 2 pairs in my size I could find. They’re discontinued now. I get tons of compliments on them and I figure with judicial wear I can make a single pair last about 5 years so I’m set for a while.

Hats. Baseball cap style. I buy one almost everywhere I travel. I sail with my brother-in-law and have a lot of different Chesapeake Bay hats. My daughter went to Spain and brought me a Real Madrid hat that was totally authentically Chinese. Hey, at least it was shipped to a store in Barcelona before it took a plane ride to America. My wife was in Cleveland visiting her family. She came back and said she was going to buy me a Rock And Roll HOF hat, but she knew I had plenty of hats, so she didn’t need to.:smack: