Are there websites that help with this?

I’m looking for a website to help me sort out my holiday for next year. I’ve always wanted to go to the States and I’m determined next year will be the year. But as I’m single I don’t want to go on my own - everything is too expensive - and I don’t have a single, like minded friend to go with.

What I would like is to join up with a group of about 6-8 similar people and perhaps travel round in a minivan and see something of the country, sharing the driving and saving money by sharing hotel accommodation. I know there are a few travel firms which specialise in organising this kind of thing for singles, but they are all very expensive or tend to be centred on a lot of outdoor activity such as hiking. I’m sure there must be a website where people can do it for themselves - post their “wants” and contact people who want the same thing. Can anyone advise?

Lonely Planet have a forum for travellers to hook up.

Frommers has Share a Trip for the same purpose.