Are They All The Same Guy?

Wolverine’s Hugh Jackman

Top Gear’s Richard Hammond
Doctor Who’s David Tennant

The Full Monty’s Robert Carlyle

Two eyes, two ears, one mouth - it all checks out!

Only the first two look at all similar to me.

And even then, I suspect it’s more the camera angle than anything else.

I am usually bad with distinguishing faces but these guys look nothing alike to me, except for maybe hair and eye color on a couple of them. However, I would be willing to do further research and more closely examine Jackman and Tennant at the same time, for science and all, if that could be arranged.

That was from Hugh Jackman’s audition for Top Gear - The Action Movie.

Similar bone structure.

Apart from Carlyle. He’s certainly the outlier in this grouping.

Pretty sure that Richard Hammond is separate from the others; haven’t the others all been on Top Gear at one time or another?

Are you sure you’re not thinking of Richard Hammond’s audition for Wolverine - The Kindergarten Years?

Throwing in with the people who can see a resemblance between Jackman and Hammond, but can’t see the other two in them. (Well, maybe Carlyle could be mistaken for their brother…in a darkened room…from a distance.)

They are all different guys, but they do have to work out whose week it is to use the heavy-lidded warm brown eyes.

I’ve always said Tennant is just a tall skinny Hammond.

And MY Doctor.

I’ll come help. Make it a double blind, you know.

Actors keep themselves fit…and generally on the skinny and short side … less than 5’10" as a rule.
and are selected for having an actractive, smart face… the proper smile, the proper chin, the proper nose…
Hammond has distinctive eyes.

One has lesser eye brow…

Yes men with kind of thick (or bushy hair cut) brown hair are easy to mistake. there’s many of them. the average… So why attractive ? thats the theory - that average is attractive.

Hugh Jackman and Doctor Who were as part of “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car”. Not so sure about Robert Carlyle. I know he’s been mentioned but I’m not sure he ever made the show.

Top Gear UK is nothing BUT an action movie - driving through terrorist held areas of the Middle East, riding crowded trains in Vietnam, Dabbawaling in downtown Mumbai India, racing through supermarkets (careful not to damage the Pot Noodles), setting caravans on fire, finding yet another source of the Nile.

Although to be fair, the past series (21) featured a very sedate challenge with the presenters taking 3 hot hatchbacks for a leisurely, quiet drive - from Sebastopol in the Crimera to Keiv, Ukraine and places north (of course, this was a little before Putin took a look at a map and said hmmm…)

The picture of Jackman from the middle of the nose up looks like a young Bruce Springsteen.